7 Common Misconceptions About Limousine Services

When you hear the word limo, chances are you associated it with prestige, class, elegance, good taste and/or wealth. You picture a long fancy car, a stocked mini bar and a chauffeur. And while this isn’t exactly wrong, there are many people who have never thought to hire a limousine service for business meetings, special occasions or every common travel plans because of prevalent myths associated with limousine services.

Limousine companies have been around a long time, but some people still have misconceptions about services. We’re here the debunk the most common misunderstandings about limos!


Only for the Rich and Famous

Limo services can be very affordable. In fact, it can be cheaper than a cab and even an Uber. Hiring a luxury car service is achievable for anyone, and it’s a nice luxury for special events and business travel.


Special Events Only

Although many people commonly hire limousine services for big events such as weddings, proms, quinceañeras, anniversaries, important date nights and other special event, our ground transportation services can be enjoyed for any reason. Whether you need a ride to the airport or to an important meeting, or you’re attending a sporting event or concert, you can arrive safely and in style.


In-Town Transportation Required

Although most customers book trips inside the city, our drivers can drive you virtually anywhere. If you’re planning a weekend getaway or have an important meeting in another city, we’re happy to meet your needs.


No Short Trips

One misconception is that you must book a limo for a minimum amount of time, such as a block of four or eight hours. We charge only for the time used, and can pick you up and drop you off at any time. Even if you just need a quick ride to the airport or a hotel, don’t hesitate to book a car service.


Not Suitable for Long Drives

On the flip side of this, some think luxury cars can’t handle long drives. But you can comfortably ride in a limo for 24 hours or more over miles of travel. If you have somewhere to be somewhere, we can take you.


Limos are Unsafe

Safety is a priority, and especially when compared to rental cars, buses and other forms of ground, rail or air transportation, limousine services are extremely safe. We take extra precaution to make sure you arrive to your destination on time, and our vehicles are all safe and reliable.


Drivers Have Very Little Training

Chauffeurs must obtain a special license after completing extensive training and education. Our highly-trained professionals have years of experience and engage in continuing education to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers.


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