Colony - Limo Service Houston Reviews

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Colony - Limo Service Houston - Reviews
Colony - Limo Service Houston - Reviews
Colony - Limo Service Houston - Reviews

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Bob Francis

    I am an owner of a rather small company but we do amazing things in our niche. I was courting a large business and it came done to us and a really large company. They wanted to come out and see our facility and of course I wanted to make the best presentation possible. Starting with the ride from the airport. I chose Colony Limo for the job and they lived up to our expectations. We could tell from the look on our clients faces when they arrived. Colony Limo is very easy to work with. The Chauffer was well trained, on time, very helpful and dressed immaculately. I will only use them from now on. Thank You Colony Limo for make a very good first impression for us!

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Mike Andersen

    We wanted to make this video to thank Colony Limo. Their service made our wedding day extra special. Their drivers are super nice and they have some really awesome amenities. Colony Limo is by far the best limo service in the Houston area. Again thanks Colony Limo.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Justin Tyler

    They’re absolutely the best in Houston, the best that I could find with some of the best rates out there. The drivers are professional. Actually the limo was clean and it had incredible amenities. We had a great time in there. They actually have surround sound, you can watch DVDs as well but we just banged the tunes and it was kind of like a pre-game before homecoming. So, it was a lot of fun. I highly recommend you grab a bunch of your buddies and going on this. Go check out Colony Limo today. They were great for me and I know they will be great for you as well.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Isabel S.

    Hi there. I’m Isabel. I recently hosted a huge Quinceanera party, we chose Colony limo for transportation. My mom made a reservation online in minutes. We hired a gorgeous white hummer limo. It was absolutely spotless. Limo was newer model with cool laser light show and my favorite music. Colony made me feel like a princess! Colony limo made me a memorable evening. Look no further. I definitely recommend Colony Limo for Quinceanera party. Colony limo is the best in Houston area. If I could give Colony more than 5 stars I would. AMO Colony Limo.!!!!

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Vic Florom

    I wanted to surprise my wife for our anniversary and called Colony Limo for anniversary service for the night. My wife was so surprised. Everything was perfect. Thanks Colony Limo for making me look good!

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Christi W.

    Hi. I’m Christi. Just a quick video to share my experience with Colony Limo’s Cruise Terminal Transportation. My family and I just returned home from our annual cruise from the port of Galveston. And this year was even better. We travel a lot but there is always travel jitters. Now I know this cruise terminal transportation helps to get and keep my family and vacation both. We didn’t have to stress about parking. Colony Limo is hands down the best in Houston. Because the drivers are handy and professional. The limo was clean with awesome amenities. Of course I highly recommend and look forward to our next Colony Limo experience. In fact, it’s already booked.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Whitney Lawson

    The limo was immaculate and had some really awesome amenities. The driver was extremely professional he went out of his way just to make sure that my bachelorette party was unforgettable.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Allen B.

    We used them for airport transportation this past week. The ride from home to the airport was good, the driver arrived about 10 or 15 minutes early and waited outside until we were ready to go, he was very professional, and loaded our bags for us. He did not speak much which I assume was in an effort to give us space since it was 4 in the morning, it was appreciated. For the airport pickup our driver, Eugene was waiting at the baggage claim area with a sign when we arrived. He insisted that I allow him to remove our bags from the luggage conveyor, he was very outgoing and went that extra mile to provide good service. Both cars were clean and seemed well maintained. I would definitely recommend Colony for airport transportation.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Holly C.

    This service was really exceptional! Both times that I've used them, they were on time, courteous, got me to my destination on time and drove safely. The car was clean and smelled nice and the drivers were kind. One was very friendly and chatted with me about my day. They both were prepared with directions to and from my drop off points. I would definitely use them again!

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Paige Jackson

    Had such an amazing experience with the company for my birthday! Although the party bus I initially picked out was booked they still made way for me and made my birthday special. I would highly recommend them and use them in the future for services!

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Sherry L.

    My entire experience, from booking the party bus to interacting with the driver, was fantastic, professional, and courteous. Would rent form Colony again and again. Ordered a 30 person party bus, extremely competitive prices and felt like Shal was really interested in helping me make the night perfect. It was a big Bday celebration for my bf, and Shal even included some balloons, a bottle of champagne, and all the mixers we could ever need. All in all, it was fantastic. I think the best part of it was that I was able to take care of all of the expenses before the night of the event, so it felt good to know that the appropriate tip was already billed and I wouldn't have to carry around large sums of cash with me. Our driver, Edwyn, was also great. Needless to say, our night didn't follow the agenda exactly as originally planned, bu Edwyn was both flexible and quick. Whenever we were ready to go, I just sent him a text and he was there within minutes. He also had great knowledge of Houston streets, I gave him addresses, and he took care of the rest. RECOMMEND! If you're looking for a large party bus and you want to book a company that will be true on their word and not try to swindle you out of your last dollar, look at Colony! Can't wait for the next party!

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Sharon M.

    I have used Colony Limo several times over the last many months and they are outstanding ! They are always on time and the drivers are professional and personable. The ease of scheduling by email is a tremendous asset as well. I plan to continue to use them and have 4 trips planned this month already.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Joe Schmitt

    We use Colony Limo quite often. They have always been on time, professional and accomodating. We recommend them highly. Our last ride was with James. He is an excellent, safe and caring driver.

  • Review Colony - Limo Service Houston

    Jane B.

    Hi, my name is Jane. My friends and I ordered Colony Limo for my prom limo service. My group of hyper and loud friends all had a blast! The limo driver was so polite, on time and the limo was so amazing! I had an awesome experience and my friends and I loved the amenities provided by Colony Limo. Thank you Colony Limo for the best service!

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