30th Annual Houston Art Car Parade

30th Annual Houston Art Car Parade | April 8, 2017

Houston’s 30th celebration of its annual art car parade is this weekend! Come join Houston downtown to see the jaw dropping, astonishing art filled cars in this year’s parade. On Saturday, April 8th the show will start at 2pm lasting about two hours, but you’ll definitely want to get there earlier to get some good spots! For those who wanna get even more of a head start, you can join the Starting Line Party at 11 a.m!

In 1988, Jackie Harris gave birth to the beginning of art car when he transformed his car into a masterpiece with only $800. Now nearly 250 cars, bikes, motorcycles, and trucks will be surprising thousands of paraders this weekend with their out of this world masterpieces! Houston is famous for their Art Car Show. Looking back of some the outstanding pieces of art will give you a heads up on what to expect this year! It’s hard to only pick a select few when there were hundreds of breathtaking automobiles but here are some hard to forgets of the winners!

FIRST PLACE ART CARS – Grand Trophy and $1500
The “Metacarskull” by The members of the Texas Wheelbarrow Association.

This team put together a phenomenal skull, making it unrecognizable it was even ever a car. Using pieces of aluminum they created a staggering skull mobile. A work of art to really make you jump out of your socks!


BEST DAILY DRIVER – FIRST PLACE – Grand Trophy and $1000
“YODA HEAD” by Kimi Bainter

For those star wars lovers, you’ll be obsessed with this next vehicle! Kimi Bainter dedicated herself in creating The Yoda Head car. This car was an exact resemblance to Yoda himself. Driving around in this Yoda head will tell give you all the force you need!


BEST PERFORMANCE – FIRST PLACE – Grand Trophy and $500
The “Jolly Ranger” by Scarlett Macaw and Party Parrots

This team brought the sea to the streets of Houston! They designed a under the sea ship dressing up as pirates and bring the spirit to the show!


BEST GREEN ENTRY – FIRST PLACE – Grand Trophy & $400
“Solar Powered Dune Buggy” by Sam Ohlenforst

Cute, environmental friendly, and fun! The “solar powered dune buggy” by Sam Ohlenforst was a favorite by all environmentalists. Sam rocked the buggy style vehicle all being powered through solar energy!


Every year the cars get more and more spectacular. This year Houston will be presenting us with even more unique and magnificent automobile designs! Don’t miss the 30th annual car show parade this year. Further details can be found on the Houston Car Art Parade website. It’s an experience you will remember for the years to come!


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