5 Ways to Have an Awesome Time at Free Press Summer Fest

The Free Press Summer Fest is fast approaching, so now is the best time to start preparing for this annual Houston event. If you’re planning to attend the festival this year, how can you make sure you’ll have a great time? With the tips in this Free Press Summer Fest Survival Guide, you can make this year’s festival one to remember!


1. Be Technology Smart

More people carry technological devices than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you want to bring all of your mobile devices to the festival. Don’t bring anything bulky such as an iPad, a tablet or a laptop. You’ll probably grow tired of carrying it around and you could make yourself into a target for thieves. Use your mobile phone or a small digital camera for taking pictures or video. If you want to take lots of pics, bring backup batteries. You’ll also want to avoid using Wi-Fi or GPS on your device for long periods of time to avoid battery drain.


2. Consider Your Friends

Are you going to the festival with a group? Decide on a meeting place and time beforehand or when you first arrive. You could also look at the itinerary, especially if there are multiple stages and shows at the same time, so that you can decide which shows you’ll attend together. Most importantly, do not leave the festival without telling someone in your group.


3. Prepare for the Weather

Festivals are, of course, held outside. In most instances, attendees and musicians stick around in all kinds of weather, including rain, heat, and cold. During the summer, you’ll want to check the weather forecast and bring sun safety accessories, such as hats, sunscreen, and light weight clothing. If you’re expecting rain, bring a poncho. No matter the weather, you should wear the most comfortable shoes you have. You’ll be on your feet all day, so you’ll need trusty, well-worn shoes that will stand up to a full day of use.


4. Protect Your Valuables

Most festival goers are happy, fun-loving people who are there to have a good time. You’ll still need to use caution to keep your valuables safe. Don’t bring a wallet or a bulky purse if you can help it. Instead, keep your ID and a debit card on your person. Be sure to include a few bucks as well, since debit cards may not be accepted at all vendors.


5. Save Your Fancy Clothes

Festivals can be really hard on a wardrobe, especially if you wear new clothes to them. Spending all day outside in all kinds of weather can ruin your nice clothes. Instead of risking your best wardrobe, wear items you don’t mind ruining, especially your shoes. If you decide to carry a backpack, you might want to pack a change of clothes in it.

Make sure that this year’s Free Press Summer Festival is the best one yet! If you make good use of technology, coordinate with your friends, plan for all kinds of weather, keep your valuables safe, and use expendable clothing, you’ll be sure to enjoy your trip to the Free Press Summer Festival this year!


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