4 Awesome Homecoming After-Party Ideas

4 Awesome Homecoming After-Party Ideas

Homecoming night is a very special evening for high school students, and you want to make it as enjoyable for them as possible. However, you also want them to stay safe. Many students are killed or injured each year because they have been drinking or doing drugs during the school’s homecoming festivities. Here are some safe activities that will make your child’s homecoming night a memorable, fun and safe occasion.


Go to a Skating Rink

Once the homecoming games and dances are over, the kids will want the night to continue in a lively fashion. One way to make this happen is by renting the local skating rink for the evening. Pile the students in a luxurious limo and deliver them safely to the rink. They can stay in their homecoming dresses and tuxedos as they skate the night away.


Get a Bite to Eat

High school students are always hungry, but they are especially ravenous after an evening of football and dancing. Treat your child and her friends to a trip to the local pizza parlor or coffee shop so that they can talk about their evening and share stories.


Host a Party

If you want to help other parents keep their high school students out of trouble after the homecoming game, host a party. You can greet each student at the door, and you should watch carefully for any signs that someone is trying to smuggle in alcohol or drugs. If you suspect that a group of students has already been drinking, then invite them into your home and go call their parents to pick them up. You may also want to have parents or other adults outside to keep an eye out for suspicious activities. There are many safe and enjoyable activities that the students can enjoy at the party, including:

  • Movies
  • Virtual video games
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Karaoke

These fun activities will help the kids stay entertained while providing them with the opportunity to make great memories with their friends.


Have a Game Night

The students may be in a competitive mood after the homecoming football is over, and you can turn this extra energy into something fun by hosting a game night. Stock up on popular board games that the kids can play. Serve snacks and sodas for them to enjoy while they play the games. Many parents get nervous about how their children will behave after the homecoming football game and dance. By planning some fun activities for the kids to enjoy, you can keep your child safe while she has a fun and memorable night with her friends.

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