Houston Family Reunion

4 Essential Tips for Planning a Houston Family Reunion

Summer is the perfect time for a memorable family reunion and there’s no better location than Houston! The city of Houston features great attractions, venues, and hotels that are ideal for large family gatherings and reunions!
With so many choices, though, it can be difficult to do the initial planning, especially if you’re expecting a large group. Here are four suggestions to help you in Houston!


1) Pick the Perfect Venue

For a family reunion, you’ll want a venue that has a large, flexible space. An event room or an open meeting room may be a good idea if there are enough chairs and tables to accommodate everyone. You’ll also want to pick a room that allows you to move furniture as needed. You want to be able to move the chairs if your relatives hold a talent show or a dance-off!

If you intend to have dancing at your reunion, you may want to ask if the venue staff can provide DJ equipment. Be sure to inquire about the extent of your responsibilities for preparing the space and cleaning up afterward.


2) Choose an Affordable Hotel for the Group

If most of your family members live in cities in other than Houston, you’ll need a block of hotel rooms to accommodate everyone. Most hotels allow no more than four people per room, so be sure to book enough rooms for all of the guests and their children.

Try to find a hotel that is located near the venue and offers plenty of amenities such as complimentary breakfast, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. Be sure to tell the front desk that you’re reserving rooms for a family reunion. The agent may allow you to reserve adjoining rooms or negotiate for a lower rate.


3) Decide How to Serve the Guests

Family reunions are generally very large affairs that require serving a lot of people. Will you be serving catered food or having family members prepare the food? If you decide to make the food yourself, you’ll need to rent an event space with a complete kitchen.

If you decide to go with a catered menu, set a budget and then look for caterers who fit your budget and serve the desired type of cuisine. Most caterers offer tasting occasions which allow you to try the dishes in advance. Make sure to ask your relatives if there are any food sensitivities or allergies you’ll have to keep in mind.


4) Book a Shuttle Bus

If you hire a shuttle bus, you can avoid the hassle of greeting everyone at the airport or bus depot and then getting them to the hotel and the venue on your own. Instead, the bus driver can meet your guests at the airport, load the baggage, and transport them to the hotel. This makes it much easier for all of your relatives to reach the hotel and the venue safely.

Planning a great family reunion requires planning, preparation and research, but it’s worth the effort! If you follow the suggestions to choose a great venue, find an affordable hotel, handle the catering and reserve a shuttle bus, your Houston family reunion will be the best one yet!


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