4 Houston Winter Wedding Tips

4 Houston Winter Wedding Tips

We just celebrated Valentine’s Day less than two weeks ago, but love is in the air throughout February. Now that we’re deep into winter, Houston brides might be wondering if they should consider having a winter wedding in the Space City.

Unlike more mountainous regions, Houston is not a city most brides think of when they start to imagine a winter wonderland wedding. Known for its hot, humid climate, most brides tend to lean toward a spring wedding in Houston. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to book popular venues in March, April, and May. Unless you choose a cool indoor venue, a summer wedding in Houston is out of the question — your guests will thank you later!

The great thing about living in Houston, however, is that you can actually have a stunning winter wedding outside, without worrying about below-freezing temperatures, rain downpours, or serious windstorms. So, before you start planning your big day, consider these Houston winter wedding ideas:

Make It Formal

Something about winter weddings always makes guests want to dress to the nines. In the summer, we tend to dress down to compensate for the unbearable heat and sun. A winter wedding is perfect for brides who plan on wearing a glamorous dress, or for couples that have already booked an elaborate venue.

Know Your Setting

With a winter wedding in general, it’s always a good idea to focus on enchanting details, such as gold tones, lace, dark decorations, or even some twinkle lights if you plan on having the ceremony outside. However, unless you’re getting married in a grand indoor venue, it’s important to remember that you’re in Houston, not upstate New York. A winter wedding in Houston means that the weather will be quite temperate, even sunny and warm, not quite as cozy and intimate as it might seem in a snowy, cold climate.

Add Some Houston Flare

We often think of Houston as a summery city, thanks to its hot weather and love of barbecue, but that’s what makes it such a special city. Getting married during winter doesn’t mean throwing out all the elements that make Houston unique. Gourmet doughnuts, sweet bread, barbecue, boudin, shrimp creole, crawfish, and gumbo are all Houston classics that you may want to incorporate into your menu.

Go Outside

While plenty of cities on the East and West coast are far too cold for an outdoor wedding this time of year, Houstonians often enjoy weather in the 60s and 70s throughout winter — absolutely perfect for a sunny, gorgeous outdoor wedding. Whether you plan to tie the knot around the holidays, or in January or February, a winter wedding in Houston means you’ll have a chance to enjoy all the parks and outdoor settings that the city has to offer.

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