5 Houston Parks To Visit This Spring

5 Houston Parks To Visit This Spring

The weather in Houston is finally starting to heat up, but we’re still in the sweet spot right before summer hits when it’s warm without being stifling hot and humid. Right now is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the sun. Luckily, Houston has plenty of free parks to try this spring. Here are our favorites:

Evelyn’s Park

With pilates in the park, gymboree, and line dancing classes, Evelyn’s Park is a great park to try if you love new events and classes. The park itself is on 5 acres of stunning land that pays homage to the Teas Nursery, which previously filled the landscape with an array of gorgeous flowers. In addition to its trails, play structures, and fitness classes, Evelyn’s Park has plenty of food trucks and nearby restaurants to choose from for a leisurely Sunday lunch.

Levy Park

Levy Park offers fun for the whole family, from fitness fanatics to the Sunday brunch crew. Offering enormous dual dog parks, this park is a match made in heaven for dog lovers and community gardeners alike. The park even has community piano concerts and an outdoor reading room, which regularly hosts Houston Public Library story times. For those looking to take a new workout class, the park hosts yoga classes and boot camps on Saturday mornings.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Arguably the most famous public park in Houston, Buffalo Bayou Park lays on a 160-acre landscape that is built along 10 miles of waterway. There are plenty of activities to try in the park, including picnics, kayaking, running on the trails, biking, and more. You can take your dog for a short walk or take a pontoon boat across the water; the choices are endless. Because Buffalo Bayou Park is a hot spot for tourists, if you want peace and quiet, weekdays are the best time to visit.

Emancipation Park

One of Houston’s oldest public parks, Emancipation Park is actually a huge overhaul of the city’s very first park. Rich in history and new amenities, such as a swimming pool, the park also has an indoor fitness center that is complete with a gym, Zumba classes, and line dancing classes. After playing a quick game of tennis or basketball, you can head over to Wendell Price’s restaurant for one of his famous fried shrimp po-boys.

Terry Hershey Park

Terry Hershey Park is a scenic public park that borders both sides of Buffalo Bayou from Beltway 8. The pathway itself is a popular spot for runners, bikers, and walkers throughout Houston. Aside from its stunning trails, Terry Hershey Park is also home to the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, where residents and visitors alike can enjoy guided tours.

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