5 Office Holiday Party Planning Tips 2

5 Office Holiday Party Planning Tips

Out of the many activities that happen during the holiday season, the office party is one of the most important. These festive events encourage employees to mingle and interact outside of the office, which can promote morale and show workers that they are highly appreciated. It takes some strategic planning to pull off a great holiday office party, but these tips will make it easier than ever.


Get Some Help

If you have been assigned the task of putting together the office party, then don’t be afraid to ask for help. Assemble a team of people who can help you plan the party. You can divide the tasks among you so that you are not under so much pressure as the date of the event gets closer.


Assemble the Guest List

Most companies invite all of their employees to enjoy the office party, and some of them allow spouses and children to join them. You will need to find out who should be included on the guest list so that you can plan the food, activities and entertainment accordingly.


Choose a Theme

Your party will be much easier to plan if you choose a theme. Your theme will help you select the food, drinks and decorations for the party, which will make your planning sessions go more smoothly. You may want to avoid typical holiday themes because not all employees will celebrate the same holidays.


Make a Budget

Your supervisor has probably given you a limited amount of money for you to spend on the party, and you need to make sure that you stick to that budget. Work with your team to determine how much money should be allotted to music, holiday food, building rentals, decorations and other party essentials. Once you have set the budget, stick to it so that you don’t end up spending more than you are authorized to spend.


Choose a Location

Many businesses want their office parties to be a relaxing break from work, which prompts them to find a remote location for their event. Others choose to save money by having the party in the office. You will need to look at your budget and the number of potential guests to help you determine which option is best for your office party. If you choose a remote location, you may need to provide transportation for the guests. If your budget allows it, you can hire a limo service to carry guests from work to the party. This will make the occasion even more memorable and will allow the employees to fully enjoy their time together.

An office party is a time of celebration and unity, and it is a great opportunity for the company to show how much it appreciates its employees. The party will also help employees bond with each other so that their work environment is even better in the upcoming year.


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