5 Proven Ways to Impress Your Next Client

Establishing a good relationship with each and every client from the beginning is critical. The first impression you give your clients could be the very one that they retain for the remainder of your time together. When you want to impress your next business client, you may wonder what steps you should take to ensure that relationship getting off to a good start from the moment you meet with this individual. These strategies can help you impress this person and solidify your reputation as someone with whom this client can share something in common and connect with at every meeting.


Provide Special Accommodations and Amenities

Clients want to know that they will be treated well when they establish a relationship with you. They do not want to be regarded as a common customer or someone who can be easily replaced. They want to know that you want to do business with them and that you will go that extra mile to impress them.

With that, one of the best ways to dazzle your clients from the start would be to hire a limousine service to pick them up at the airport, their hotel, or other places in the city in which you are meeting. A limousine provides unmatched elegance, class, and comfort and shows your clients that you want them to enjoy a relaxing and personalized transportation service while they are networking with you.

When you hire a limo service, you can also arrange for amenities like bottled water, snacks, TV, and other enjoyments to be available to these individuals during their ride. They will appreciate your effort and recognize that you went above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and well provided for during their trip.


Be Willing to Compromise and Communicate

Along with hiring a limo service for their transportation needs, you can also show value and respect for your clients by being open to communicating and compromising throughout your meeting. They may not want to be coddled or pacified. In fact, being open and honest with them about what you can provide for them would be a great way to demonstrate the products and services that you hope to bring into your professional relationship together.

At the same time, if you can compromise and help them get the services or products they need without risking your own business, you should use this tactic as well. Your clients will appreciate your willingness to compromise and also respect that you are trying to please them without any false pretenses.


Be Consistent with Pricing

The most congenial of business meetings still can turn sour if you are not consistent with the pricing you originally promised your clients. Raising the price without explanation or adding a lot of extra fees and costs onto the agreed upon pricing could turn your clients off very quickly and prompt them to end your relationship prematurely.

Even more, these individuals will feel misled and like they were made fools out of during the time leading up to the meeting. When you want to avoid perhaps the biggest offense in the business world, you should make it a point to be consistent with your pricing and stick to the agreed sum of money.


Offer Post-Project Support

People also may want to know that you appreciate them after your business relationship has ended. Once you have delivered your end of the contract, you still should consider the importance of keeping contact with your clients periodically after you wrap up that relationship.

Communicating with your clients does not have to mean actually driving or flying to their location or calling them on the phone, although those options certainly are viable if you prefer. You could also keep in contact by:

  • Sending a postcard or Christmas card each year
  • Texting or emailing to ensure they are still satisfied
  • Skyping if you have an informal enough relationship for this type of communication.

When your clients know that you are still available after the project ends, they will look more favorably on your business and be more likely to return in the future if or when they need your products or services again.


Ask for Feedback

Another great way to impress your client would be to ask for this person’s feedback throughout the project. When you show that you are open to this person’s honest opinion, you demonstrate that you want to serve him or her better and that you want to make the relationship between you two as agreeable as possible. It also gives your client the opportunity to openly communicate and work with you in return.

Impressing clients each time you meet is important. This impression could make or break your success and your ability to serve them better. You can go above and beyond any business client’s expectations by using these proven strategies.


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