5 Reasons to Choose a Limo over a Taxi

5 Reasons to Choose a Limo over a Taxi

When you prefer not to drive yourself or you simply do not own a car of your own, you may consider what transportation options are available to you. Of course, many people in your situation believe that a taxi service is their best choice when they need to go to the airport, run errands, attend a special event or carry out other tasks for which transportation is needed. However, you may want an option that offers you different benefits that sometimes are not offered by a cab company. When you are trying to decide between taking a cab or hiring a limo for your travel needs, you can make the best choice for you by knowing the key reasons for relying on a limo service over a taxi.

1. Pricing

Your primary concern as you make this decision may center around how much you really want to spend on a ride. In fact, you may automatically assume that a taxi would be cheaper than a limo simply because limousines are commonly associated with luxury and expense.

However, it may surprise you to know that a cab ride can be just as expensive, if not more so than hiring a limo. In fact, because taxi rides are metered, cab companies can charge more for longer distances and even extra for amenities like curb side pick-up or drop-off or loading and unloading your luggage or packages.

Alternatively, limousine services typically offer all-inclusive pricing that encompasses these amenities and more. When you reserve this type of transportation, you are paying for dedicated time more than the actual ride itself. The driver and limo staff will be focused on your needs rather than how long it takes to transport you from one place to another.


2. Service

Cab rides are meant to be fast and impersonal to get you from one location to another in as short a time as possible. Many drivers are focused on picking up as many fares as they can in one day so that they can make the maximum amount of money before their shift ends. They cannot afford to strike up a conversation with you or make your service personalized because their primary objective is to bulk up their earnings.

With limousine services, however, you are given the personalized service that may be important to you when you reserve a method of travel. The team that handles your ride that day will focus on you rather than the trip for which you hired them. If you need to make a few stops before you reach your destination, for example, your driver can accommodate this request without running up a meter or charging you extra.


3. Cleanliness and Comfort

Riding in a clean and comfortable vehicle can be essential to enjoying your ride. Cabs arguably are not well known for being pristine or even hygienic in some situations. Drivers often do not stop to clean out their taxis until their shifts have ended, which means that you might step or sit in something less than desirable during your ride.

However, limousine companies typically make it a primary goal to make sure their fleet of cars is kept in excellent condition and remains clean and comfortable for every client. You can sit on comfortable seats, listen to music, drink bottled water, and otherwise feel at ease during your travel without worrying about being exposed to fluids, germs or trash from other riders.


4. Reservations

While it is possible for you to hail a taxi from the curb or call a cab company and request a ride, you often have to wait until a driver has time to accommodate your needs. In fact, you may have to wait an hour or longer until a taxi is available if you call for one to come and pick you up at home or elsewhere.

When you want transportation that works around your schedule, you can get this level of service when you hire a limousine company. You have the option of making reservations and getting a vehicle set aside for your use without having to wait for a driver to be free or other passengers to carry out their tasks first. You can focus on your travels without being delayed or inconvenienced.


5. Status

When you are trying to make a good impression or want to enjoy a level of service that goes above and beyond what a taxi company can offer, you can accomplish this goal by hiring a limo. Limousines do in fact encompass a certain amount of prestige. People associate these vehicles with class and higher status.

With that, if you are on your way to meet clients, pick up associates at the airport, attend a special event or celebrate an occasion with family and friends, or just want to make guests feel special, you can add an element of classiness and comfort when you reserve a limousine for any of these purposes. You will make a great impression and show others that you deserve this level of service.

Choosing the best mode of transportation can be easy when you consider these reasons for taking a limousine over a taxi. You can travel and enjoy taking care of your tasks while also being treated to a unique level of service and accommodation.

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