Prom 2020 — Best Ideas for A Memorable Promposal

Prom may still be a month or two away, but now is the time to start planning for your perfect promposal! Being asked to prom is something you remember for the rest of your life, so it’s important to make it special and memorable. There are plenty of ways to say, “Will you go to prom with me?” but creativity beats a flashy promposal every time.

Whether you’re planning to ask a friend, your partner, or your secret crush, here are some of the most unique and exciting ways to ask someone to prom on National Promposal Day (March 11, 2020):

Make it personal.

Do you know your date’s favorite movie? Book? TV show? Tailoring your promposal to your date’s unique interests makes the experience extra special and memorable.

Bring treats.

Nothing says “I want to go to prom with you” like bringing over your date’s favorite doughnuts, cake, or cookies. There are many ways to get creative with food. You can spell out “Will you go to prom with me?” with a box of treats, write it in icing, and more. Don’t be afraid to get imaginative! This is something your date will remember for years to come.

Coordinate with friends.

If you know your date’s friends, try to coordinate the perfect time to surprise them. Whether they participate in after-school sports or are in a school club, there are plenty of ways to surprise your date with a promposal. Make sure you talk to their friends beforehand to time the surprise perfectly. To make your promposal extra special, you should ask a friend to film your surprise — your date will thank you later!

Bring on the romance.

If you’re asking your girlfriend or boyfriend to prom, this is the best time to bring out your romantic side. You know your partner better than anybody else, so only you know what feels romantic to them. Maybe they love Disney movies and would adore a princess-themed promposal. Or perhaps they’d enjoy a classic display of candles and roses. Either way, a romantic promposal is one that your partner will never forget.

Keep it fun.

Especially true if you’re asking a good friend, funny promposals always stand the test of time. Whether you two bond over a hilarious show or share an inside joke, try to make your promposal light and fun for your date.

Dress up for the occasion.

Your promposal is the perfect time to bust out your old Olaf costume or nicest suit. Whether you want to make your promposal romantic or funny, dressing up for the occasion makes it feel special for you and your date.

With prom just around the corner, the right promposal can help kick off the end of the school year in the best way possible!

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