5 Ways to Impress a VIP in Houston

If you have an important client coming to Houston, then it is important that you do your best to make sure that he is as comfortable as possible. There are several ways that you can make his trip enjoyable, and you need to make sure that you provide a favorable impression of your company. Here are some tips that will help you impress your client and make his trip pleasant and as relaxing as possible.


Choose Quality Accommodations

While it may dip into your budget a bit, you need ensure that your client has everything he needs right as his fingertips during his stay. Invest in a quality hotel room that provides him with a free Internet connection, a gym and plenty of television channels. You should also be available for your client at all times so that he is never lacking for the things he needs.


Show Him the Town

While your meetings with your client will be based on business, this doesn’t mean that you can’t show him some of the best sites around Houston. Instead of opting for a nice but unremarkable restaurant, take him to a place that the locals love. You may also want to treat him to a night of entertainment, such listening to the orchestra or watching a sporting event.


Be Prompt

In order to impress your client and show him that he is your company’s top priority, you must always be on time for your meetings. If you are late, it makes your client feel as though he is wasting his time and that you aren’t taking him seriously. Whether you are meeting him for drinks or picking him up to take him to a meeting, it is important that you are prompt.


Deliver a Gift

If you really want to make a good impression, then offer your client a gift or a treat. If he is visiting during the summer months, then he may enjoy an ice cream delivery that will give him relief from the Houston heat. You can also send baked treats, a wine basket or pizza to let him know that his comfort is a priority.


Provide Transportation

Your client doesn’t need to worry about how he will get from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the restaurant. That is why you should provide the transportation he needs to get around town. Hire a limo to take him wherever he needs to go, and make sure that the driver has a history of being polite and prompt.

Your client needs to know that you and your company are taking him seriously. By providing him with the very best services and accommodations, he will see that you value his business and that you want to keep him happy and comfortable.


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