6 Fun and Creative Easter Games for Adults

Happy Easter!

Kids are not the only ones who get to have fun on Easter! From the thrill of hunting for eggs to fun group activities outside, there are a lot of fun and creative ways to entertain even the adults at your Easter gathering.

Join in the fun at any age! If you’re getting friends and family together for a festive feast, these fun Easter games for adults can help you get into the spring spirit.


1. Egg Hop Relay Race
Divide everyone into pairs, with each pair receives two large egg cutouts made from poster board or cardboard (bonus: let the kiddos color the eggs first). The first teammate stands on one egg cutout, and the second places their egg on the ground in front of the first. The teammates take turns hopping on the eggs, moving them forward toward the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line wins!


2. Capture the Egg
This is a friendly competition similar to “Capture the Flag.” Start with eight eggs — four each in two different colors. Divide players into two teams. Have each team choose a color and line their eggs on their end of the yard. Each team must try to capture the other team’s eggs and bring them to their side of the yard without getting tagged by the opposing team. If tagged, you’re out. To win, a team must capture all the other eggs or have the last man standing.


3. Easter Egg Lawn Bowling
Think bocce ball with boiled eggs. Leave one egg white and dye each players eggs a different color. Gently toss the white egg on the lawn, and each player takes turns rolling their colored eggs toward the white one. Whoever gets closest without touching the white egg wins. For more of a challenge, play with raw eggs!


4. Easter Egg Rolling Race
Get one hardboiled egg for each racer. Mark a straight track with multiple lanes, and each player uses a wooden spoon to roll their egg down the lane. The first one to cross the finish line wins!


5. Egg Drop Challenge
This is the egg drop challenge from middle school science class, but with a spring flair! Use pastel straws, spring napkins, Easter baskets, Easter grass and any other spring-themed object to cushion your eggs. Divide into teams to design everything from parachutes to protective structures, and then toss the eggs out of a second-story window. The team with the most surviving eggs wins a prize!


6. Adult Easter Egg Hunt
Instead of regular Easter candy, fill eggs with gourmet chocolates, teas, coffees, alcohol, gift cards, jewelry, candles, electronic devices or small home décor items that adults will love.



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