6 of the Most Romantic Places Found in Houston

Planning the perfect romantic evening for your special someone may call for you to go beyond taking this person to the movies or out to dinner. In fact, several ideal date night locations could be only minutes away from your house. Houston offers plenty of romantic places that will make your special evening with your beloved memorable and enjoyable. As you prepare for a night out together, you can add to the romantic mood of your date by reserving a limousine and visiting any of these locations.


The Reflection Pond at the Houston Zoo

Amid the zoo’s natural setting, the reflection pond draws thousands of visitors each year. While it is common to see children and families mingling around the pond, it is also just as ordinary to find couples on dates visiting this location.

Indeed, the pond is particularly beautiful at dusk, making it an ideal spot when you want to take a few moments and spend them with your love interest. It is available to the public during normal zoo hours.


Williams Tower Waterfall

Another location featuring water is the Williams Tower Waterfall. This tower remains a popular tourist destination and could be a bit crowded during your visit. Even so, it can be the perfect stop on your date to cultivate the love and romance between you both. The waterfall becomes particularly appealing in the early evening hours before dusk.


Carriage Rides

Located in downtown Houston, the carriage rides on Bagby Street are especially popular for married and dating couples alike. The carriage rides are offer year round, but are popular during the wintertime. During the winter, couples like to get cozy as they ride in the horse drawn carriages.

Rides are also available throughout the day and do not necessarily require reservations. However, if ou want to make sure that you get a ride for your date and avoid the crowds in line, you can call ahead and reserve a carriage and driver for your special evening.


Hot Air Balloon Rides

If you and your beloved are more adventurous, you may find that a hot air balloon ride suits your needs. However, instead of your date taking place at nighttime, it would actually have to take place during the early morning hours.

Indeed, these hot air balloon rides take off at the crack of dawn, making sure that you are air bound just as the sun is rising. Once the sun rises, you can accept the pilot’s gift of champagne and toast your date with style.


The Chocolate Bar

After an evening of dinner, limousine rides, and other memorable activities, you both may be ready for dessert. When you choose to visit The Chocolate Bar, you can indulge in sweet treats or even a chocolaty nightcap before heading home.

The Chocolate Bar specializes in temptations like chocolate popcorn, chocolate pizza, and of course chocolate cake and hot chocolate. You can sit together in a cozy and private corner table and enjoy your evening dessert before concluding your date.


Yacht Cruises

Sailing across Clear Lake in a yacht can make for a memorable night when you select a yacht ride as your perfect date night activity. You can reserve a ride that comes with an inclusive package deal that offers you and your special someone dessert, drinks, and even candy bars. These cruises are also ideal for family events like birthday parties or family reunions.


Houston provides numerous romantic locations from which to choose when you are planning the perfect date for you and your special someone. You can create memories and enjoy spending quality time together when you visit any of these places.


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