Are Limos Safe for Prom Travel?

Every high school senior gets excited about the prospect of attending his or her senior prom. However, the excitement of attending senior prom can quickly be dampened by reports of car accidents and limo mishaps. Are limos actually safe for prom travel?

The good news is that limo accidents are quite rare and can usually be avoided with some advance planning. How can parents make sure that kids get to the prom safely? What precautions can they take to avoid unexpected dangers on prom night?

Encourage Kids to Hire Limos

Hiring a limousine for prom is an excellent way to encourage prom night safety. For one thing, sending teens to the prom in a limousine prevents them from succumbing to the temptation to drink and drive. Underage drinking is still illegal, but many teens indulge in alcoholic beverages on prom night. Even worse, they may be responsible for getting themselves home afterward.

When you book a prom limo, though, you can ensure that all the kids arrive together and that they remain in their group, which is another safeguard. For even more security, parents can instruct the limo driver only to make stops that have been approved by parents in advance. This prevents teens from picking up unfamiliar people or diverting the limousine to another location.

Choosing a Trustworthy Limo Company

The question is – how can you make sure that the limo company you hire is trustworthy? First, be sure to ask about the company’s safety record. You can even request that the company let you inspect the vehicles in advance. If the limo drivers are professionally trained, they will have procedures in place for handling unruly teens. Ask what these procedures are and how the drivers will implement them to keep everyone safe during the ride.

Keeping Kids Safe at the Prom

What about helping kids stay safe after they arrive at the prom? Some schools are now encouraging teens to stay onsite by holding supervised all-night parties at the prom venue or even at amusement parks. By doing so, they help kids stay in groups and avoid becoming isolated with strangers. This also gives parents peace of mind, since they know exactly where their children will be during the night.

Parents can get involved in prom night by helping with food preparation, contests, or post-prom parties. Being physically involved in the work of putting on a prom gives parents the opportunity to offer supervision while letting their kids experience a taste of freedom. In addition, parents should always speak with their children about the need for prom night safety and caution.

Not only are limos safe for prom travel, but hiring a prom limo can actually help your child be safer on prom night. As long as you choose a reputable limo company, teach your child the importance of good judgment, and get involved in prom preparation, you can make sure your child’s senior prom is both fun and safe for all.

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