Best Fishing Spots in Houston

Summer is the perfect season for fishing around Houston. Warm early mornings set the tone for a relaxing and comfortable day of fishing. What makes the city unique is its breadth of choices when it comes to finding the perfect fishing spot. From flounder to trout and catfish, you can catch just about any type of fish you can think of in these popular Houston fishing spots:

Mcgovern Lake

Part of Houston’s famous Hermann Park, McGovern Lake is located right in the heart of the museum district. This spot is no small pond tucked away in a cove. It’s a large eight-acre body of water meant for all to enjoy. While there are a variety of different fish to find, catch-and-release fishing at Bob’s Fishing Pier is only permitted for children ages 12 and younger and seniors over the age of 65. A popular lake for fishing, McGovern Lake is also a great spot for bird watching.

Lake Anahuac

Experienced fishers love the variety of fish available at Lake Anahuac, part of the wildlife refuge about 45 miles outside the city. From redfish and southern flounder to white crappie and black drum, Lake Anahuac is one of the few places around Houston where you have access to both saltwater and freshwater fish. Located along the coastline, many believe Lake Anahuac to have some of the best fishing in the area.

Lake Conroe

Hoping to catch the fish of a lifetime? Lake Conroe is famous for its massive fish. In fact, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recorded the catch and release of a 52-inch blue catfish in 2016. Located about 40 miles north of Houston, Lake Conroe is a gorgeous spot to relax and unwind with your fishing pole and an early morning cup of coffee.

Mary Jo Peckham Park

If you’re looking for a spot for the whole family, Mary Jo Peckham Park is the place to visit this summer. Not only does the park have plenty of fishing tables and additional amenities, there is also an entire recreation center for the kids to check out. A 5-acre park in Katy, Mary Jo Peckham Park is the perfect place to teach your kiddos how to fish for the first time. Experienced fishers will be pleased to find that the lake is filled to the brim with catfish in the summer.

Tom Bass Park

Nestled away in Pearland, Tom Bass Park is so large that it has been divided into three separate sections for visitors. Head to section 3 for fantastic fishing and a calm, relaxing morning. While you can find a wide range of fish in Tom Bass Park, the area is most well-known for trout and catfish. Worried about finding the right spot? The park is so large that you rarely have to fight the crowds.

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