Best Ways To Sell A Car

The time has finally come to sell your beloved car, but where do you begin? With so many car selling options available, it’s hard to know which way is best. Do you take it to a dealership? Sell it privately? We’re here to help you make the right decision for you and your family. If you’re stumped by which steps to take next, here are the best ways to sell a car:

Sell your car privately.

Thanks to Craigslist, Facebook, Autotrader, and Kelley Blue Book, selling your car privately has never been easier. If you post an ad on any of these sites, make sure to be as descriptive as possible. With literally thousands of posts to see, most people will scroll right past an ad with low-quality photos and a bare-bones description. Because you’re selling privately, it’s also important to be truthful about the condition of your vehicle. Always provide a thorough history and maintenance report, so your potential buyer knows exactly what they’re getting.

While selling a car privately can be easy and quick, it may not be the right option for you. Selling a car privately requires a lot of work on your end. Between taking photos, posting the ad, and funneling questions from potential buyers, selling a car privately is exhausting. Another major disadvantage is dealing with paperwork and payment transactions. Selling outside of a legitimate dealership limits your ability to protect yourself against fraudulent transactions, so be cautious if you choose this method to sell your car.

Sell to a franchise dealership.

The benefits of selling to a franchise dealership depend entirely on the condition of your vehicle. If it’s an older model, it may be difficult to get a fair price from a larger dealership. Your options are also limited if you want to trade your car in for a slightly more updated model. While most franchise dealerships have plenty of brand-new cars, older models are harder to come by.

Buying a new car after trading in your old one may also be difficult at a franchise dealership if your credit isn’t excellent. That’s why you should always check out a small dealership first.

Sell to an independent dealership.

Small, independent dealerships give you the opportunity to trade your car in for a new model without the hidden fees and low used car inventory that you might find at a franchise dealership. Regardless of your financial situation, you’ll typically have an easier time finding an affordable vehicle at an independent dealership than you would at a much larger dealership.

Used vehicles are often the bread and butter of independent dealerships, so it’s always in their best interest to buy your car at a fair price and sell it for more. That’s why small dealerships tend to offer more money for used cars than their larger counterparts. Because independent dealerships don’t have to pay the royalties that large, brand-name dealerships do, they typically offer fewer fees and much better used car warranties if you do decide to purchase another vehicle. If you want to sell your car for a fair price, without the hassle of selling it privately, an independent dealership is always your best bet.


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