Choosing the Best Ride to the Houston Cruise Terminal

Taking a cruise vacation can be the experience of a lifetime. Before you board your cruise ship, however, you must figure out how you are actually going to get to the terminal in Houston well before your departure time. Because Houston is a huge metro area full of busy traffic and complicated roadways, you may want an affordable and convenient transportation option that will get to your ship on time. As you finalize your cruise vacation plans, you can also choose the best transportation to the terminal by considering these popular ride options.


Shuttle Service

Shuttle services can be found going to and from the terminal at all times of the day. These rides can be reserved weeks or months in advance and are guaranteed to get you to your departure point on time.

However, shuttles can also be one of the more expensive transportation options because these companies charge per passenger. If you are traveling with a large group, you may face a steeper price than you initially were willing to pay.

Moreover, shuttles are well known for being a bit crowded, as drivers try to pick up as many passengers as possible in one ride. You could end up riding shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers on your way to the Houston terminal. If you are claustrophobic or uneasy in the company of strangers, you may consider another ride option.

Shuttle services also tend to focus on the timeliness of the ride rather than its quality. In truth, the company may be more worried about making good time on each ride than how comfortable you and other passengers are. If you want more personalized service, you would be advised to consider other options.



Like shuttles, taxis make their way in and out of the terminal around the clock. You can generally get a taxi ride without having to make a reservation. In fact, if you can call the cab company and get a ride to the terminal on the same day as your departure without having to call days or weeks in advance.

Taxis are also relatively affordable because the drivers only charge one fare, regardless of how many passengers are along for the ride. However, if your group has more people than can fit inside the cab, the group may have to be split up and forced to take two separate taxis. These separate rides mean that you have to pay two separate fares, which can put a dent in your travel budget.

Like shuttle drivers, taxi drivers are also focused on making good time to the terminal and picking up as many fares as possible during each shift. You will get to the cruise ship’s departure location, but you generally will not have a lot of comfort or quality in a taxi that you perhaps would like. If you need to stop along the way to pick up supplies or want to enjoy the ride, you may do well to choose a different transportation option.


Limousine Service

It may not have occurred to you to hire a limousine service to take you to the cruise terminal in Houston. In fact, you may have dismissed this idea because you thought it reserved entirely for the wealthy or famous in this city.

However, limo services are actually ideal for cruise vacationers and can add a touch of class, comfort, and fun to your experience. With this option, the focus is on providing you with quality transportation and making sure that you enjoy your ride, as well as getting you to the terminal well before your scheduled departure.

When you reserve a limo, you can expect to have more than enough room for the rest of the travelers in your group. If you are traveling alone or with one or two other people, you will have plenty of space to stretch out, relax, watch TV, or take in the scenery. You also can enjoy amenities like bottled water or snacks during your ride.

If you need to stop at a store on the way, your driver will be happy to accommodate you. The staff of the company will be dedicated to making sure you and your fellow travelers are happy, comfortable, and stress-free prior to boarding the cruise ship.



Of course, you always have the option of driving yourself to the terminal either in your personal vehicle or a rented car. Driving yourself can be appealing if you like to remain in control of your transportation. You can decide when to leave, what route to take, and how fast you actually want to drive on your way.

However, driving yourself can also come with unexpected circumstances like getting stuck in traffic or experiencing a mechanical breakdown that will delay your ride. You also have to pay for the gas to drive yourself there, pay for parking, find a parking space, and then walk to the terminal.

As you park your car, you also have to hope that no one will break into your vehicle or try to steal it from the parking lot. These worries could make your cruise vacation less enjoyable.

Getting to the Houston cruise terminal on time requires that you choose the best transportation option available to you. These popular choices can help you choose one that suits your budget, travel preferences, and comfort requirements.


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