Choosing the Best Transportation to IAH

As the fourth largest airport in the country, George Bush International Airport services more 180 cities throughout the globe and hosts 20 different airline companies each day. When you have a flight to catch at IAH, you may wonder what your best choice is for getting to the terminal on time and without being inconvenienced. As you ready yourself for your trip, you can make the best decision for your personal budget, time constraints, and enjoyment when you consider these options.


Taxi Service

Taxis run to and from IAH each day as people hurry to catch their flights. While these rides are almost guaranteed to get you to your gate, this option can also come with unplanned for expense and hassles.

In fact, if you have a longer distance to travel to the airport, you could end up paying a hefty fare and putting a dent in your travel budget. Even more, if you are traveling with a large group, you may be unable to fit everyone in the same cab. You may have to pay two or three fares to get everyone to the airport on time.

Likewise, if you need to make a stop at a store or office on your way, your driver may be less than eager to satisfy this request. Your driver’s primary focus will be on picking up as many passengers as possible before his or her shift ends. Your driver will want to get you to the airport quickly, collect the money for the ride, and then pick up another fare at the terminal. Stopping for you on the way does not benefit this person’s goal of making money.


Shuttle Service

Shuttles also go in and out of IAH each day without fail. You can reserve a ride on a shuttle and be guaranteed of getting to the airport for your flight.

However, shuttle services typically charge per passenger and make it a point to pick up as many passengers for each trip out to the airport. You may be riding with complete strangers in a crowded van for longer periods of time than you anticipated.

In fact, it can take a shuttle service quite a while to pick everyone up and wait for everyone to get inside the vehicle. The staff then has to pack the luggage and make sure everyone has paid for their ride. Stopping on the way to pick up something may be out of the question because you will delay other passengers in making their flights on time. Despite being a guaranteed ride, shuttle service may be less than ideal if you want personalization and comfort.


Personal Car

Of course, if you have your own car, you have the option of driving yourself. You can relax in your own vehicle and enjoy having the option of leaving whenever you want for your flight or making stops along the way.

However, when you take your own car, you also have to consider the possibility of getting caught in traffic, having engine troubles, or even getting in an accident on the way to IAH. These circumstances will almost assuredly make you late for your flight.

You also bear the expenses of buying gas for the drive and paying for parking at the airport. Once you pay for parking, you then have to find a spot in a crowded parking lot and then walk all the way to your gate. As handy as having your own car is, it may be less than ideal when you need to get to the airport.


Limousine Service

When you need to get to George Bush International, you may be surprised to learn that limousine service may be one of your best options. If you are ready to dismiss this idea because of the assumed expense, you also may be pleasantly surprised to know that this option is on par with taking a taxi or reserving a shuttle and can be even more affordable if you are traveling with a group of friends or loved ones.

In fact, the price you pay to reserve a limo ride to IAH is all-inclusive and focuses more on quality than time constraints. The team that serves you that day will concentrate on making sure that you make it to the airport on time while also enjoying comfort, plenty of space to stretch out and relax, and amenities like TV, music, and bottled water.

When you arrive to the airport, your limo driver will also make sure you are dropped off at curbside rather than making you walk a long distance to the gate. This personalized service can help you enjoy your ride to IAH without the expense, hassle, and time constraints that come with other options.

Getting to George Bush International on time for your flight is important. You can decide which transportation option is best for you when you consider these facts about the most popular choices for rides to IAH.


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