Comparing Ride-Sharing Apps and Professional Limousine Services

Mobile technology indeed is changing the ways of the world. People can now use their favorite mobile applications to order food, watch movies, and even get a ride across town with just a simple tap on their phones’ screens.

Despite the ease of which basic services can now be accessed, mobile technology does not always guarantee a worthy or even safe customer experience, however. Before you use apps like Uber and Lyft to request a ride, you should understand how these applications compare to traditional transportation methods like limousine services.


Lower Cost

You may be like many other transportation clients who want to get the cheapest ride around town possible. It is true that apps like Uber and Lyft are reported to be about 20 percent cheaper than other forms of transportation. This lower cost could help you if you want to save your money for other things.


Availability and Accessibility

These apps also allow people to get rides around-the-clock, regardless of the time or day. When you use one of these ride-sharing apps, you can request service during the early morning hours, on the weekends, or even on holidays.

This accessibility and availability can appeal to you if you were once reliant on city buses or taxis. You can avoid some of the frustration that comes with not having your own vehicle and having to wait for a ride.


Precautions with Ride-Sharing Apps

The lower fare price, accessibility, and availability associated with these apps may at first glance make these services look very appealing. However, before you allow these perks to cloud your better judgment, you should also know some of the precautions that come with using these services.


Training and Licensing

For example, unlike professional transportation services, Uber and Lyft reportedly do not require their drivers to go through the same training and licensing as professional drivers. In fact, online review sites suggest that the drivers for both of these companies are not required to have commercial driver’s licenses, something that is typically required of professional drivers.

Likewise, the drivers for these companies often are little more than part-time operators who are doing this job to make money on the side. They may have full-time pursuits outside of their driving gig. While that in and of itself may not be cause for alarm, it does raise the possibility that your driver will not be focused on your satisfaction or the quality of your experience. He or she essentially will be giving you a ride that is perhaps meant to be as short and fast as possible.


Safety, Insurance and Background Check

The fact that these drivers are focused more on making money and getting each fare to and from his or her destination also poses the question of how safe you will actually be in one of these driver’s cars. Professional transportation drivers are required to be insured and bonded in most cases.

Drivers for these mobile app companies may have basic car insurance on their vehicles. However, that policy may not be sufficient to reimburse you for medical costs or other expenses if you are in a wreck and get hurt, your belongings that you take with you are lost or damaged, or you suffer in some other way while using this kind of service.

Finally, one of the biggest concerns posed with this new transportation service centers on how safe passengers actually are. Again, the drivers are often not put through an extensive background check like professional chauffeurs are.

You could be riding with someone who has questionable marks on his or her criminal record. Even more, you could end up the victim of a crime if you have the misfortune of getting into a car with a driver who is using this service as a cover for committing crimes.

In fact, drivers for these app companies do not have supervisors or managers to whom to answer. They are independent operators. With that, you have little recourse if you want to make a complaint or pursue that person’s firing if you have an unsafe or unsatisfactory experience.


The Positives of Professional Driving Services

If your main concern is less on getting a ride and more on ensuring a safe and satisfying experience, you should consider using a professional licensed transportation service. In fact, a limousine service could be your answer if you want something that goes beyond the bus or a taxi, but still gives you the option of reserving a ride whenever you need one.

Indeed, you can reserve a limousine ride anytime day or night and even on the weekend and holidays if required. You can be assured that the driver has been trained, licensed, and insured according to the professional industry standards, as well as state laws for this occupation.

When you choose this option, you also get the quality that could be important when you need to get a ride around town or elsewhere. The staff at the company will be focused on making sure you feel safe, comfortable, and well provided for throughout your reservation. These assurances often come at a price that is comparable to what you would pay for app-sharing company.

Mobile technology can be very appealing when it comes to securing quick services. However, when you also want safety, quality, and satisfaction, you should look beyond technological convenience and rethink established transportation choices.

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September 2020