Creative Ideas for Asking Someone to Homecoming

Creative Ideas for Asking Someone to Homecoming

If you are making plans for the homecoming festivities, then you need to consider who you want to ask to join you. If you don’t have a date but have someone in mind, you need to get creative about how to approach her. While it may seem different and extreme, your unique approach will catch her attention so that she is more likely to agree.


Sidewalk Art

Get to school a little early with a box of colorful chalk. Write your question in pretty and legible letters, and then add doodles and drawings around it. When she gets to school, it will be one of the first things she sees, and she will be impressed with the time you took to creatively ask her to the dance.


Bake a Cake

You can also give your prospective date a cake to ask her to join you for the homecoming festivities. Write your question in icing so that she has to read it before she enjoys the delicious cake, and decorate the cake with images that will show her what a magical night it will be. Include roses, balloons and stars made of icing. If you want to treat her to a limo ride, you can include a picture of a limo on the cake or bake the entire cake in the shape of a limo.


Get into Her Locker

If you can get the girl’s locker combination, you can add something to her locker that will let her know that you want her to go with you to homecoming. Be sure to place a clue in a place that is easy for her to find. You may want to include a sign, a card, a rose or a miniature limo. If you can’t get inside of her locker, then decorate the outside of her locker door.


Take Her on a Treasure Hunt

If you enlist the help of her friends and teachers, you can send the girl of your dreams on a treasure hunt that will lead her straight to you. Write the clues and riddles on cards so that she has to find the answer in order to get the next clue. The final clue should lead to you and the bouquet of flowers that you have waiting for her. If you are nervous about asking a girl out to homecoming, then get creative about how you ask her out. Your creativity will help alleviate some of your nerves, and your thoughtfulness will make it more likely that she will say yes.

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