Don’t Miss The “Middlelands” First Year in Houston

Houston has announced its brand new festival this year! Based on the ancient middle ages, Houston’s festival, “Middlelands” will be hosted from May 5th-7th. The festival will be taking place at Todd Mission, also known for the Texas Renaissance Fair Grounds. Be prepared for an enchanting and captivating experience as you enter a “distant realm”. The Middlelands will be a breathtaking and magical site with endless adventures you can choose from!


The awe-inspiring art. Don’t miss the mind-blowing and magnificent masterpieces inspired by earth’s elements:

  • water
  • fire
  • air

These beautifully created four-dimensional architectures will be incorporated in the landscape of Middlelands. Discover the great art pieces this distant realm has to offer. A place where imagination rules the land, the art is certain to be magical.

Fascinating and free rides. The Middlelands have a vary of rides inspired by the olden days. Cleverly designed by the ancient kingdoms that once lived, these are perfect for any crowd. Let yourself enjoy a couple rides, it’ll be an adventure everyone can get a thrill out of!


Amazing performances. “From cyber-wenches and barbarian beauties to neon knights and other mystifying characters, these whimsical creatures will amuse you, dance with you, and guide you on your journey through the realm.” In this year’s festival, everyone is certain to find their favorite artists and some new favorites as well! The Middlelands has scheduled many great performers. Some performers in their musical lineup include:

  • Alison Wonderland
  • Assembly
  • Big Wild
  • DJ Mel
  • Hunter Vaugun
  • Jurassic 5
  • OneG
  • Rae Sremmud
  • Sage Armstrong
  • Wintertime

All performances will take place in Middlelands amazing stages! The spectacular lighting and structure will truly bring you into another world.

  • Castle Northwoods
  • Middlelands Arena
  • The Stronghold
  • Trinity Vale
  • The Wench’s Bay

The Enchanted Court. The enchanted courts is open to all! So all festival goers can stroll among the trees decorated with lights, artworks, hammocks, and swings. The Enchanted Court offers:

  • Yoga classes
  • Movie showings
  • Workshops
  • Hammocks and swings


The Conqueror’s Court. The Conqueror’s Court is also open to all! The center meeting place, open 24 hours for all campers. All your necessities can be found here! Your storage areas, restrooms, food and water, medical services, security, and booths are all here! The Conqueror’s Court also offers:

  • Farmers’ market
  • Guest services booth
  • Bars
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports
  • Bonfire
  • Picnic areas


Last and definitely not least, Camping. The Middlelands has set up different camp sites for you and your party to really experience and encounter living in the Middle Ages. There are a range of options for campsites. The camps is conveniently located in the festival site, having access to the entire festival, the Conqueror’s Court and Enchanted Grove. You can create your own theme and enjoy the company of other campers! You can also choose from Sound Camps and enjoy your DJ! Food, drinks, chargers, and other amenities are provided. You may even bring your own bike!

An exciting year for Houston! The Middlelands will certainly be a festival for the books. We can’t wait to attend this year’s festival, and we know hundreds of Houstonians can’t either! The medieval themed festival is going to be an exciting and thrilling experience.

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