Find the Best Spots for Family Photos

Right now is a very busy time of year for Houston photographers. Many families are making plans – and taking advantage of cooler weather – to take annual family portraits. Many of these pictures take place outdoors and will be used for holiday cards. They will also be blown up and printed to hang on walls or put up on shelves. So while it’s obviously vital to select cute, coordinating outfits and solicit great smiles from everyone, the backdrop for these photos is already really important.

The right location can make the difference for absolutely gorgeous family photos, and fortunately, Houston has dozens of classic backdrops, green spaces and unique spots that are exclusive to our city. So whether you’re planning to have a friend snap a few shots for you, or scheduling a professional photo shoot, here are some great family-friendly locations. Just keep in mind, several locations enforce strict guidelines for commercial photographers that often require a permit and fees. Check the rules ahead of your photos shoot.

  1. Biscuit Paint Wall – This Montrose mural along Westheimer Road provides a pop of color looks custom-made for a photo shoot. It features a simple but stunning array of dripping paint for fun, modern shoot.
  2. Buffalo Bayou – From the downtown skyline in Eleanor Tinsley Park and near the sculptures scattered throughout the park, to along the banks of the bayou or on the hike trails, this area is great for live action shots.
  3. Discovery Green – This downtown park features sculptures and art installations, along with a small lake, and several serene pathways. Arrive early for good light a minimal amount of potential photo bombers.
  4. Graffiti Park – Located at St. Emanuel St. and Leeland, this spot is ideal for funky, one-of-a-kind urban photos. Walk among dozens of walls to find your preferred vibe and color scheme!
  5. Hermann Park – If a playground or kid-friendly setting is more your jam, this is the perfect space for that great quintessential shot. Friendly ducks are a nice bonus.
  6. McGovern Centennial Gardens – The Hermann Park Conservancy is a new, popular spot with at least a half-dozen unique backdrops, so you can leave your photo shoot with a variety of good shots. Look for the cascading waterfall, jagged stone steps near the gates, benches, fountains, a Japanese-style gazebo and myriad small hills.
  7. North and South Boulevard – North and South Boulevard in the Boulevard Oaks neighborhood creates a picture-perfect “tunnel” or archway of trees in a perfect spot that lacks a lot of pedestrian and car traffic.
  8. Sugar and Cloth Color Wall – Located at GreenStreet in downtown, the new color blocked rainbow staircase offers plenty of room for photos, with a bright and pastel colored background that won’t overwhelm your portrait.
  9. W. 11th Street Park – This hidden gem is a tranquil park with winding trails, 20 acres of trees and soft light in the middle of the city.
  10. Waterwall Park – Add a wow-factor to your shoot with a 64-foot semi-circular cascading fountain. Your kiddos can even splash in the water!

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