Flight 504 is Delayed: Make the Most of Your Flight Delay

If you travel by air, you may be quite familiar with flight delays. When you’re stuck at the airport waiting for your flight to board, the time can pass by unusually slowly. To avoid being bored for hours on end at the airport, try these four tips to help you make the most of a flight delay!


1. Take a Food Court Tasting Tour

Over the years, airports have gotten a bad reputation about the quality of food they serve. While the in-flight meals may not be the best, you can still get a pretty good meal at the airport food court. When you’re waiting on your next flight, why not arrange an impromptu food court tasting tour?

Visit several of the establishments in the food court and try an inexpensive item at each one. You may even be able to score a few free samples!


2. Catch up on Your Email

More and more air travelers are using their technological devices while in the air, but some still prefer to wait until they’re on the ground. If you have a full email inbox, your flight delay is an ideal time to catch up on your unread messages or send your pending replies.

Be sure to bring a travel phone or tablet charger with you and find a seat next to a wall outlet so that you can clear your inbox without losing power. You may even want to take a few pictures to share on social media.


3. Relax in the Airline Lounge

Depending on your credit card, you may have access to the exclusive airport lounge when you travel. If your credit card includes airport lounge benefits, then a flight delay is the perfect chance to exercise them! Make sure to read the terms and conditions of your credit cards to see if these benefits are included in your cardholder perks.


4. Use the Time to Book Your Airport Transportation

Have you thought about how you’ll get to your hotel once you arrive at your destination? Or how you will get home from the airport after your return trip? A flight delay is an ideal time to make a few phone calls and arrange your ground transportation.

If you’ve been in the habit of hailing a taxi from the terminal, you might consider hiring a car service or renting a limo. You’ll skip the waiting lines and get a private ride to your hotel at the same time!

No one enjoys a flight delay, especially if you’re running behind schedule or trying to make an appointment. However, you can make good use of your time by cleaning out your email inbox, relaxing in the airport lounge, trying the flavors of the food court or arranging your ground transportation. If you take advantage of these four tips, you may actually find yourself enjoying your flight delay!


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