Galveston Cruise Terminal: Transportation Matters

Cruises remain a favorite getaway for many vacationers. When a cruise is on your agenda, you may focus first on important details like what clothes to pack, how much money to take on board with you, and what kind of amenities to pay for prior to the trip. However, as you concentrate on these details you should also think about how you are actually going to get to the Galveston cruise terminal once you arrive in that city. When you want to start your vacation off right and avoid transportation worries prior to boarding, you should consider the options that will work out best for your time, budget, and comfort.



Taxis are a common mode of transportation for many out-of-town cruisers. In fact, it may never occur to them that there are other options out there than taxis. Nonetheless, you may be tempted to choose a taxi service to get you to the terminal simply because you know that your ride should get you there on time without fail.

However, when you consider what you are paying for that ride, you may want to know what other options are available to cruisers like you. Indeed, taxis can be expensive for even the shortest of rides between two destinations. Even more, if you are traveling with your family or a large group, it may be impossible to fit everyone in the same taxi, prompting you to pay for two separate fares.



Shuttles also make runs to and from the Galveston cruise terminal each day. Both public and private shuttle companies take cruise vacationers to the port in a timely manner, letting them get on board without delay or inconvenience. However, as with taxis, shuttles can be a bit cost prohibitive, making this option less than ideal if you need a more economical ride.

In fact, shuttle services often charge per passenger, making the cost less affordable if you are traveling with a group. By the time you pay for your group’s ride, you could spend a couple hundred dollars that otherwise could have been spent on the cruise ship. You will have less cash to buy drinks with, play the casino, or tip the wait staff on board.

Along with the expense of a shuttle ride, you also may be delayed making it to the terminal. Shuttles often take awhile to load with everyone’s luggage and making sure that every passenger who reserved a ride is in the vehicle. Even if your pick up is scheduled for a certain time, it could be an hour before the shuttle actually departs and heads toward the terminal.



If you have chosen to drive to Galveston with the hopes of parking your car at the terminal before you embark on your vacation, you should realize that taking your private car could also be more of a hassle for which you were prepared. For starters, the busy traffic in Galveston can be confusing and difficult for out-of-town visitors to navigate.

Moreover, parking at the terminal may cost you money that you were not prepared to spend. Parking often costs quite a bit of money at airports, cruise terminals and other departure points. After you pay for parking, you then have to find a parking space and then hope that no one breaks into your vehicle while you are away.


Limousine Services

Many people believe that limos are reserved for the very wealthy. However, limo services often prove to be ideal for holiday cruisers who need to get to the Galveston terminal on time and without worry. The cost of taking a limousine service actually proves to be very affordable, especially if you are traveling with your family or several people in your group. The cost for a ride can be lower than taking a taxi or shuttle in many cases.

Even more, a limousine provides you with enough space to stretch out and relax prior to arriving at the terminal. You can chat with your friends or family members, watch TV, listen to music, or take in the scenery without having to worry about being crowded or driving in busy traffic.

If you forgot something at home or need to pick up a few supplies like sunscreen or chewing gum, your limo driver can stop at a grocery store or pharmacy on the way to the terminal. If you were in a taxi or shuttle, you would not have the option of requesting such a stop. Once you arrive at the terminal, your driver will provide you with curbside service and make sure that you are at the right area for boarding your cruise ship.

A cruise can be an exciting vacation for you, your friends, and your family. When you want to get to the Galveston cruise terminal safely and on time, you can consider the option that suits your budget, travel group size and comfort level.

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