Graduation Party Checklist: Planning the Perfect Night

While graduation ceremonies are usually serious occasions, graduation parties give teens and parents a chance to celebrate the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood. With the right planning and a good graduation party checklist, you can give your high school graduate a party that is both unique and memorable!


1. Choose the date and time for your party.

The first item on your graduation party checklist should be finalizing the date and time of the occasion. Since graduation season falls within a very narrow time frame, usually the month of May, there may be several teens having graduation parties within a few weekends.

If you can, schedule your child’s party on a day when it won’t conflict with other parties, especially parties your teen would like to attend. If several of your teen’s friends are graduating at the same time, you might consider combining their individual graduation parties into one big celebration! This can help you avoid scheduling conflicts and give you a few extra hands to help with party planning.


2. Make a guest list.

Once you have the party date and time set, ask your teen who he or she would like to invite and begin making a guest list. Be sure to ask if there is anyone your child does not want to invite to the party!

A graduation party guest list can easily run into the hundreds, so you’ll have to set limits on the total number of guests. Doing so will keep the party within your budget, help you avoid fire hazards, and ensure that you provide adequate supervision at all times.


3. Pick the right graduation party venue.

It’s time to choose the right place to have your graduation party! If you live in a small town or if you have a very specific place in mind, you should begin making reservations at least two months before the date of the party.

After a long party, the last thing most people want to do is drive a long distance back home. Choosing a venue that is located near most of the guests’ homes increases the likelihood that your guests will actually attend the party. Make sure the space is large enough to hold all of the invitees and that it has adequate room for dancing and mingling.


4. Finalize the party menu.

Do you want the party to have a formal atmosphere or a casual one? For a formal party, you might want to go with a full catered menu. Finger foods or a potluck dinner might work better for a casual graduation party. If you want a personalized cake for your graduation, place your order well in advance of the event.

Using a checklist can take the work out of planning a graduation party. After you’ve chosen the date and time, the guest list, the venue, and the menu, most of your work is done! With a thorough graduation party checklist, you’ll find that planning your child’s graduation party is easier than you may have thought!


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