National Bird-Feeding Month

Help Birds Make It Through the Coldest Month

It’s no secret birds fly south for the winter, but in Houston, we’re lucky enough to see a lot of wild birds throughout the year. However, cold temperatures, wind and other unpredictable winter weather patterns make February an especially hard month for our feathered friends.

National Bird Feeding Month was created to encourage people to provide food, water and shelter to help wild birds survive. Bird feeding is an easy, entertaining, educational and inexpensive hobby to begin. All you need is a simple hopper or tube feeder, plus a bag of seed, and you are ready to get started. Just make sure your feeder is high enough to be out of reach of cats.


Be on the Lookout for These Flying Friends

Bird feeding is an easy interest that often grows into a hobby. Nearly one-third of the U.S. adult population feeds wild birds in their backyards.

The top 10 birds found in backyard east of the Rocky Mountains are the American Goldfinch, Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco, Downy Woodpecker, House Finch, Northern Cardinal, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Tufted Titmouse and White-breasted Nuthatch. All but the hummingbird, which only drinks nectar, eat bird seed.


Bird Watching Soars to New Heights

In addition to feeding birds, February is a great time to take up bird watching. According to a survey from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, it’s becoming a growing hobby with 47.8 million bird watchers in America.

Bird enthusiasts typically enjoy the relaxing peacefulness that often comes with watching birds, and the focus that occurs in tranquil settings is a great way to relieve stress. And children can help identify different species while also learning about feeding and nesting habits.

The Texas coast is world famous for the astounding variety of birds that congregate. The area near Galveston and all the way down to Padre Island is one of the most heavily-visited birding areas on the planet. Some will take an opportunity to rent a luxury car for a bird tour in high style to drive to one of these top bird-watching destinations:

  • High Island
  • Big Thicket National Preserve
  • Armand Bayou Nature Center
  • San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge
  • Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

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