Dragon Boat Festival

Houston Dragon Boat Festival

Colony Limo has provided you with luxury rides around the night lights in cities all around. With endless options of vehicles, Colony Limo ensures the perfect fit for you. In just two weeks, try out a different type of ride, a boat ride! The Houston Dragon Boat festival will be hosting its 17th annual celebration. An event that brings life to the Asian culture with heritage-honoring music, dancing, dishes, games and activities!

The Houston Dragon Boat festival will be a cultural event exciting for all The best part, it has free admission so no need to worry about your wallets! The festival will be presenting:

  • A new race every 20 minutes, with over 30 teams, you can come cheer on the teams that are paddling their hearts out
  • There will be cultural performances throughout the day from the different groups of Houston
  • Food vendors catering to all with a variety of options
  • Live music with entertainers of talented local groups from the Houston area

The Dragon Boat tradition dates back to almost 3,000 years ago in the lands of China. Based on the myth of one of China’s most popular poets, Qu Yuan, supposedly drowned himself in the Miluo river. Qu Yuan was known as a promised and wise official of the southern state of Chu under King Huai. `Qu Yuan saw dangers in an alliance of the king. However the king had listened to his corrupt advisors and exiled Qu Yuan. In exile, Qu Yuan wrote deep poetry that expressed his concern. The distraught Qu Yuan committed suicide in the Miluo River. Villagers attempted to cross the river to save the great poet. They sung, beated their drums, paddled threw rice in the water to try and save Qu Yuan’s spirit. His ghost appeared one night to inform the food offering were stolen by a evil river dragon which feared “five-colored silk and bamboo”. The custom has ever since been known as the traditional food, Zongzi.

Houston brings this traditional celebration to life on May 6th from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at Allen’s Landing Park, 1005 Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002. Further details can be found on their website . A great venue with the beautiful view of Houston’s lakes and traditional dragons dancing over the waters, you won’t wanna miss! Enjoy a cultural ride through the Asian and Asian American culture.

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