Houston International Film Festival

What to expect for the 2017 Houston Worldfest festival!

The Houston annual Worldfest festival is less than a month away! This year the International film festival will be hosting its 50th annual festival! Known as one of the best and oldest festivals around, Worldfest he been a tradition to many of all cultures. The festival will be up and running from April 21st-30th. Here are a couple of films to be expecting this upcoming year.

The Worldfest festival promotes so many new films and authors, providing new and interesting content to all audiences.

  1. The AMC Studio 30 Dunvale theater will be opening with the Premier of “LBJ” with the director, Rob Reiner. LBJ illuminates Lyndon Johnson’s great journey through his career from vice president to president. Woody Harrelson, similar to all his other roles, truly perfects the role of Lyndon Johnson.
  2. On April 22nd, The Moleskin Diary will be showing. A drama based on a self made man who had lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his sister, which follows his career as a photographer and the struggles he is faced with. Adrian, the main character, faces a major life decision as an important lifestyle change was to be made. A film that really penetrates into the audience’s pure emotions.
  3. First Lady of the Revolution, a historical film about the remarkable story of Henrietta Boggs who becomes the First Lady of Costa Rica. Receiving 9/10 on ratings, critics appreciated the films beautiful unravel of the country’s history. A film that embraces the strength and independence of women, this is a film you don’t wanna miss.
  4. Yellow Fever is a short film over viewing the effects of globalization on the African women’s definition of beauty. A dramatic film that will open your eyes on society’s impact on beauty standards.

Houston’s International Film Festival brings together films of all cultures and genres! A beautiful integration for the world of film and culture. There are many more films, including short films, that are showing this year. You can check out the scheduling of films on Worldfest’s website at Bring your friends and family and enjoy a exhilarating experience at this year’s festival!

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