The More the Merrier: How Many Friends Can You Fit in a Limo?

When you’re planning an event and you want to hire a limousine, you might wonder about how many people your rental will accommodate. Most limos seat 8 to 18 people, so if you choose a standard limo size, you can expect to accommodate this many people comfortably.

Depending on the specific vehicle, you may be able to get up to 14 people in one limo, especially if you choose a stretch SUV. Party buses, on the other hand, can hold even more people – up to 32 in some models. Here’s an overview of how many passengers a limo will hold and how you can choose the best vehicle for your event.


Limos for Large Gatherings

If you have a large party, you’ll often need a large limo. While standard limos are smaller, many companies offer custom stretch vehicles for these occasions. Stretch Hummers, for example, can usually seat up to 16 in a party-like atmosphere, featuring such amenities as interior lighting, fireplace, plush interior, space for refreshments, and a privacy divider.

If you need a lower vehicle for easier entry, a stretch Cadillac Escalade can also seat up to 18 with an even larger interior space while remaining low to the ground. This is perfect for large gatherings where older people or young children may ride in the vehicle.


Limos for Small Parties

Limos are often associated with large formal events, but they’re also a good idea for small occasions. For a small party of eight or less, you might go with a classic limousine, which can often hold up to eight passengers comfortably. In this limo, you’ll find the basic necessities for a night out: ice buckets, glassware, and panoramic windows for a great view of the city skyline.

For an intimate date night out such as a romantic double-date, go with a luxury sedan that can seat up to four. While this model doesn’t have the amenities of a classic limo, its leather seating and premium sound system are perfect for a night on the town.


Choosing the Best Limo Size for You

When you’re selecting your limo, consider two things: the size of the party and the size of your budget. If you have a certain number of friends and family that you want to accompany you in the limo, you’ll need a vehicle that can seat that many people. If your budget is too small to pay for that yourself, consider asking them to split the cost with you. Dividing a limousine rental by 8 or 10 people can make it a much more affordable option.

On the other hand, you might have a small party but want a big celebration. For example, if you’re planning a bachelorette party, you might want to reserve a party bus so you can get the celebration started early! With a built-in dance floor and strobe lighting, some party buses are ideal for celebratory events, even when the crowd may be small.

To find out how many passengers a limo will hold, you can refer to this standard limousine sizing information. However, be sure to talk with your prospective limo rental company for details about your event. The company’s representatives can give you specific information about the types of vehicles they have and which are best for you.

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