How much does renting a limousine cost?

How much does renting a limousine cost?

Are you considering hiring a limousine for homecoming or other event? Do you know about how much you can expect to pay to book a limo? Does it matter how many miles the limousine has to travel? Will you be charged by the number of people in your group? Does the type of limousine you rent affect the price?

If you’re unfamiliar with the way that limo companies charge customers, you could easily get tricked into paying more than you should. Some limo companies may add hidden charges for unused or unnecessary services that can inflate your bill. It’s important to learn the basic way that most limo companies charge clients. Doing so can help you shop around for the most affordable limo rental price.


Limo Company Hourly Rates

The hourly rate you pay for a limo depends largely on the type of limo you reserve. Smaller models such as sedans may go for as low as $60 per hour. On the other hand, larger models such as SUVs and vans may cost as much as $175 per hour. Party buses – the largest type of chartered limo – can cost as high as $200 per hour. If you want to book a posh, fashionable limo such as a custom stretch SUV, you can expect to pay as much as $300 per hour.


Limo Company Rental Fees

While the above hourly rates are typical for the industry, they are not the only costs associated with hiring a limo. The majority of limo companies automatically include gratuity of 20 percent in your bill. In addition, limousine drivers who provide good service normally expect to receive a cash tip.

Depending on the time and event for which you hire the limo, even the hourly fees may be higher than usual. During busy times of year such as prom season, the standard limo rental hourly rate may be increased. If you hire a limo for a wedding, you may have to pay a higher charge since the limo will be used most of the day. Limo hourly fees may also be higher if you reserve a vehicle during weekends or evenings.


Additional Limo Rental Charges

If you request special amenities or additional services during your trip, you may have to pay a few extra charges to rent your limo. Some limo companies only include one or two stops in their standard hourly rate. This means that if you want to make several stops during your outing, you may have to pay a few dollars extra.

For an additional fee, limo operators may stock your vehicle minibar with drinks and snacks. Watching television or listening to music during the ride may also carry a surcharge.

Familiarizing yourself with the basic limo rental hourly rates and additional fees can help you plan your rental carefully. Once you have an idea how much you’ll need to spend, you can concentrate on enjoying your special event freely.


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