How Much Should I Tip a Limo Driver or Chauffeur?

If you are hiring a limo for a special occasion, then you may want to set aside some money to tip the driver. Limo drivers often work very hard to make sure that they are prompt and courteous, and they should be rewarded if they have met or exceeded your expectations during your evening out. If you are unsure about how much to tip your chauffeur, here are some tipping guidelines that may help.

Why Should You Tip the Driver?

A limousine driver does much more than navigate a luxury vehicle. He must be knowledgeable about traffic conditions and alternative routes, and he must be able to schedule the drive so that his passengers arrive at their destination at the proper time. Despite the high standards that they must meet, chauffeurs often rely on tips in order to raise their income enough to support their families.

Contracted Gratuity

Some limo companies include the driver’s gratuity in the contract, so you should read it carefully to determine if you will need to add a tip. If the gratuity is included in your rental fees, you may still want to tip the driver if he has done an excellent job. You may need to ask the company if the full gratuity will be paid to the driver. If not, then it will benefit him if you tip him a small amount directly so that he does not have to give some of it to the limo agency.

Traditional Rate

Most people who hire limousine services will tip the driver 15% for his assistance. If he has been extremely professional, prompt and helpful, then you may want to increase the tip to 20% of the contracted cost of renting the limo. The tip is usually paid by the person who is paying the rental fees for the limo, and it may be given to the chauffeur before or after the ride.

Quality of Service

When you have hired someone in the service industry, you must adjust your tip according to the quality of service that you receive. Even if the chauffeur does not meet your full expectations, you should still leave him a small tip of 10% of the final bill. If the driver exceeds your expectations, then you should increase the tip accordingly.

Limousine drivers are dedicated to making sure that their passengers experience a comfortable and enjoyable luxury ride, and they should be rewarded for their efforts. As you would with most service workers, you should tip these drivers according to the services that they provide. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

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