How to Beat the Back to College Blues

As the spring semester ends, most college students cannot wait to leave the campus and go home for the summer. The summer passes by quickly, though, and the arrival of the new fall semester may catch some off guard. When they return to campus in the fall, some students may actually feel a little depressed about going back to the rigors of college life.

Rather than dreading the start of the fall semester, you can actually make it into a fun occasion! Here are four tips you can use to beat the back-to-college blues!


1. Register for a Class You’re Actually Interested in Taking

Many of the classes that are required for your major may be courses that you’re not particularly interested in taking. If they’re required for your degree, though, you may have to just tough it out and take them anyway.

To help you get excited about the new semester, register for a class in a subject you actually want to learn. Even if the course is not required for your degree, you’ll get a chance to learn something you like and rediscover the excitement about returning to school!


2. Catch the School Spirit!

Most campuses hold special events for new and returning students each fall. Upperclassmen may shy away from these events, but they can be great ways to get involved on campus and get excited about going back to college!

Consider signing up to greet new students or to work as a student housing adviser. If you want to enjoy the real excitement of the new semester, apply to work in the bookstore during rush week!


3. Make Your Dorm Room Your Own

If you’re living in a dorm, it’s easy to look at your room as a temporary space until you go home in the summer. But when you put a little of your own style in your dorm room, you’ll feel more at home while you’re there.

Even if you don’t want to invest a lot of money into furnishing your dorm room, you can add a few accents that remind you of home. Put up a few posters that you like or bring pictures from your room at home to add your own touch.


4. Arrive on Campus in Style!

If your parents usually drop you off on campus each year, why not try something a little different this fall? Call a car service and rent a limo to drive you and your roommates to the campus.

You’ll definitely make an entrance as your limo rides through the grounds and pulls up in front of the dorm. You can also request that the driver add drinks and snacks to enjoy along the way!

When it’s time to hit the books in August, don’t catch the back-to-college blues! Sign up for an interesting class, get involved in your campus activities, add a little style to your dorm room and make an unforgettable entrance to help you adjust to on-campus life!



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December 2021