How to Tailgate for the Texans Game in Style

Tailgating is about much more than just hanging out together before watching the Texans play. It is about getting together with your friends and fellow fans and building a spirit of camaraderie that will encourage the players once they hit the field. In order to make sure that your tailgating party is the best in the parking lot, follow these simple tips.


Provide Tons of Food

In order to be a successful tailgater, you need to make sure that you have plenty of food on hand. Stock up on a variety of chips, pretzels, crackers, dips and other munchies that people can snack on as they get ready for the big game. You can also grill kabobs, hot dogs, burgers and other meals that will keep you and your friends energized so you can cheer loudly in the stands. Always keep a little extra food on hand for new friends and fellow fans that you happen to meet before the game.


Offer Plenty of Beverages

You and your friends will certainly work up a thirst while you are tailgating, which means that you need to keep a steady supply of drinks on hand. Some friends may prefer to start drinking alcohol before the game, and others may want to stay hydrated with some water. You should also offer sodas for your friends to enjoy, as well as hot chocolate if the weather turns chilly.


Show Your Spirit

Since tailgating is all about showing your love for the Texans, you need to make sure that you dress the part. In order to truly show your support, you should wear your licensed Texans apparel that will let everyone in the parking lot know who you will be cheering for. You can keep it tame by wearing your lucky jersey and hat, but you may also want to spice it up a bit with some face paint, wigs and beer helmets.


Give Your Friends a Treat

In order to build your reputation as a great tailgater, you need to do more than camp out in the parking lot with some food and drinks. You need to make the event as fun as possible for your friends. As you are setting up your tailgating space and preparing the food, send a limo to their houses to pick them up and bring them to the game. You can also send them home in the same style so that they can relax and fully enjoy watching the Texans play.

If you want to show your support for the Texans, you will need to make the most of your tailgating party. By following these tips, you can turn into a master tailgater that even your biggest rivals will envy.


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