Prom Night Fun: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

From the pressure to look “prom perfect” to the expectation of a “dream date”, prom night can be a stressful time for teens. As a result, it’s often up to parents to make sure that their kids stay safe on prom night. If you’re a concerned parent, here’s what you need to know about prom safety.

Help Teens Get Ready for Prom Safely

Both boys and girls are under more pressure than ever to look great for the prom. However, these expectations can cause some kids to take risks with their health. Parents can help their kids get ready for the event safely by teaching them to take care of themselves properly.

Make sure that your teens avoid following health fads, such as crash diets and extreme cleanses. These activities can actually endanger their health by causing them to consume too few calories and nutrients. Parents should also encourage teens to avoid using indoor tanning beds in an attempt to gain a tan for the prom. Sunbathing without the proper SPF protection can also be dangerous for the skin. Before teens try a new makeup brand or hair dye, parents can help them to test these products carefully to check for any allergic reactions.

Make Arrangements for Prom Transportation

A major prom safety issue involves impaired or distracted driving. If your teens will be driving themselves to the prom, go over the rules of the road with them weeks before the event. Give them some pointers on how to avoid distracted driving, such as lowering the volume of their music and keeping their eyes on the road, not their friends in the car. If you decide to set a curfew, discuss it with your kids beforehand and make sure they understand the consequences for breaking curfew.

One way to sidestep most of these transportation dangers is to rent a limousine for prom. Not only does have a professional driver reduce the risk of an accident, but using a chauffeured limousine hives parents more control over where kids go on prom night. They can instruct the driver to travel to pre-approved locations only, which makes it less likely that teens will venture out without parents knowing where they are.

Keep Teens Safe at the Prom

Teens also need help to handle themselves safely during the prom. Talk to your kids about resisting the pressure to smoke, drink, or do drugs. Have your kids sign a prom safety contract to encourage them to make smart decisions throughout the night. Help them learn how to defend themselves from unwanted sexual advances and go through a few practice sessions to prepare them in advance. Make sure your kids understand the importance of staying in a group and remaining close to chaperones during the night.

Prom night is one of the most exciting events in a teen’s life. If you’re educated about prom safety, you can help ensure that your kids have a fun and safe night out.

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