Security of Service vs. Ride Sharing

Security of Service vs. Ride Sharing

We know you have many options when it comes to hiring a driver for your transportation needs. App-based companies like Uber and Lyft continue to increase in popularity as a common way to get around these days. But many of these companies have come scrutiny lately, and we believe there are several reasons why a professional car service is better option when you have plans to go somewhere.

Arrive in Style

First of all, an Uber or Lyft is really a less expensive alternative to a taxi. So think about that for a second. When you are booking transportation, is a cheap replacement for a taxi really the way you want to travel and arrive? When you book a ride from one of these places, you’re not really expecting a super-nice car, and you’re not trying to make a statement. You’re simply getting from Point A to Point B, and you don’t really think about the ride again after you step out of the car (unless it was a terrible experience).

Furthermore, these app driver services are not a good substitute for a stretch limo, party bus, shuttle bus or a passenger van. And while you can order an UberX or Uber XL for a town car or SUV, do you really want to make a last-minute choice for a special event? Or do you prefer to plan ahead and know exactly what you’re getting?

When you rent a limousine or any of the other fantastic vehicles in the Colony Limo fleet, you are paying for a great experience with equally great style. And if you are planning transportation for a very special event, such as your prom, wedding, anniversary, a big party or corporate outing, a limousine or a party bus is the far superior choice.

Professional and Reliable Service

There are so many variable to think about when you book a car. For example, who is your driver? With many of the app-based companies, anyone 21 years or older with a car can drive. But you don’t know about their experience, both personal and professional, when it comes to driving and providing a service. Their drivers aren’t well-screened or certified for safety.

At Colony Limo, all our drivers must be at least 26 years old with a clean criminal background and driving record, along with a chauffeur license issued by the city of Houston. Other requirement for our drivers include:

  • Clean cut appearance and well-mannered
  • Professional attire. In the winter, this means, a white shirt, black tie, black dress pants and black jacket
  • Non-smoker and drug free with NO exceptions
  • Punctual and flexible to meet your needs
  • Open doors and handle any bags and luggage with care
  • Have a proper and updated GPS systems at all times

Our chauffeurs are required to independently verify and track each client’s routes and/or flights prior to service to preemptively avoid any delays or route discrepancies. Also, there’s no guarantee an Uber driver will wait on your if you’re running late; but Colony Limos strives to provide excellent service, which means we can accommodate any schedule. Customers come first and we go the extra mile to ensure you reach your destination safely and on time.

App-based services can cancel your car at any time, for any reason, and just not show up. This can be especially problematic if you’re in a hurry and/or traveling a long distance (such as to the airport or preparing to leave for a cruise). However, we will never limit where you want to go, and our drivers don’t refuse jobs because of long drives, bad weather or city traffic. Rest assured, with Colony Limo, your experience will be excellent, and your driver will be professional and respectful for the entire ride as you enjoy experience of traveling in luxury and comfort.

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