Start Eating Better Now at the Best Healthy Restaurants in Katy

Start Eating Better Now at the Best Healthy Restaurants in Katy

Do you eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, and are you incorporating healthy foods into your daily diet? National Eating Healthy Day is an occasion to raise awareness about the importance of making healthy food choices. This year on Nov. 4, we aim to raise awareness for the importance of good nutrition and making the best eating decisions in order to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Heart disease is the Number 1 killer of Americans, but it’s also a largely preventable disease. By committing to live a healthier lifestyle every day, it’s possible to reduce your personal risk. But it takes work to get healthy and stay healthy.

As we approach the busy holiday season, it’s so tempting to eat badly. To help fight the cravings, you can boycott junk food vending machines and bring healthy snacks and low-calorie lunches to work. But when you do go out to eat, here are five great suggestions for healthy restaurants, specifically in the Katy area.


Dish Society

23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd
Dish Society uses the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible, and sources a majority of its food from local suppliers, including area farms, ranches, harvesters and bread makers. Their seasonal menu makes healthy, modern twists on traditional favorites. The food and drinks are robust but approachable.



1230 Mason Rd
The most crave-worthy salads are completely customizable and created with a variety of fresh toppings. At Salata, you have a choice of over 50 different toppings, including jicama, bean sprouts, feta cheese, fresh strawberries, pumpkin seeds and more! Top your salad with a lean protein and one of 10 house-made dressings.


Newk’s Eatery

20802 Katy Fwy
Whether you are obsessed with reimagining old favorites or discovering new recipes, Newk’s is the place for the finest ingredients and uncompromising quality. Their extraordinary, healthy meals create an experience for all your senses — from delicious tastes and tantalizing smells, to the sights and textures to behold on your plate.


Healthy Cow Pizza

23144 Cinco Ranch Blvd
Eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the great tasting food you love, even when it comes to a favorite staple like pizza! Healthy Cow Pizza features numerous delicious and nutritious options. Try a whole wheat crust for extra protein and fiber with a yummy, nutty flavor. Or opt for a basil pesto sauce to add more healthy greens.



829 S Mason Rd
Organic, raw and fresh cold-pressed juices promote wellness, but they are designed with taste and nutrition in mind. Koldprezz helps you take charge of your body by enjoying extra vitamins and antioxidants in each juice, without extra chemicals, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and added sugars.

Eating at the right restaurants and making the right decisions means being healthy doesn’t have to be that difficult. And remember — even making small changes in your lifestyle can have significant health effects.



Jocelyn Sexton is a marketing and corporate communications professional with more than 15 years of writing experience. She is a passionate storyteller and has worked in a variety of industries, including a stint in state government where she worked to promote Texas food with the Department of Agriculture. She earned an Executive MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and has an undergraduate degree in Journalism-Public Relations from the University of North Texas.

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