This Year’s Top Trends in Quinceañeras

In our last post, we discussed the tradition of Quinceañeras. In this post, we’re taking a deeper dive into the top trends in the ultimate Sweet 15 celebration. Every year, there are slightly different trends and new things gaining popularity. Here’s what to look for in 2019.

New Dress Colors and Styles
Pastels and lighter colors, such as pink and Tiffany blue, have been the tradition for many years, and jewel-tone colors such as emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue and amethyst purple all remain very popular in 2019. But this year, we’re seeing three definite color trends: one bold, one ultra feminine, and one that is flirty and fun.
The first color of the year is a deep and dramatic burgundy. Be on the lookout for other dark colors this year.
The second color of the year is rose gold. This gorgeous color, which falls somewhere in between deep pink, peach and champagne, is going to be popular not only as a dress color, but also for jewelry.
The third color trend is new and fresh shades of green. From mint and lime, to turquoise and colors. Green quinceanera dresses are making their way into 2019 quinces and sweets. From subdued mint and teal, to bright turquoise and electric lime, these dresses make a great statement.

Style is also important this year. Of course, the tradition is (and hopefully always will be) a ballgown-shaped dress, with a close-fitting bodice and a big, long, flared, floor-length skirt. But this year, we’re seeing more two-piece dresses, which feature a cropped top paired with a big, poofy skirt, and dresses worn with short capes.

Mariachi-style Quince dresses are also increasingly popular. This style is a great way to appreciate history and tradition, but with a modern, fancy take on old classics. Look for dresses with a lot (and we mean a LOT) of ruffles. Color, layers and texture also play into this style.

Reception Trends
Aside from the dress, we’ve noticed some new trends at the parties. First, we’re seeing themes related to Disney, such as decorations, music, dances, food and even costumes that mimic a movie, such as Beauty and the Beast. Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Frozen are also popular to replicate.

The idea of going all out with decorations continues to be a trend. In 2019, expect to see giant lighted letters, a photo booth, up-lighting, monograms, arcade and carnival games, giant movie projectors, fireworks and karaoke!

And of course, you can’t do an over-the-top quince without limo service or a party bus. Arriving in style is a must, and we’re here to help set the tone for the big day as soon as you get ready to head to the event!

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