Top 5 Things to Do Near Lake Conroe

Especially during the summer, when you need a quick and close getaway, there’s no better spot than Lake Conroe. Check out our Top Five favorite things to do on or near the lake.


1. Play a Round of Golf

If your family or friends are golfing aficionados that require something more challenging than mini golf, Lake Conroe hosts some of the finest golf courses in Southeast Texas. Grand Lake Golf Club and Wedgewood Golf course are two of Conroe’s most well-respected courses. Additionally, the April Sound Community offers membership to non-community members and with 27 holes of golf.


2. Go Hiking

Sam Houston National Forest covers three counties and encompasses 160,000 acres. It’s the perfect spot for wildlife watching, fishing, camping and biking. However, one of the high points is the prized 128-mile Lone Star Hiking trail, which has been called the hiker’s “Jewel of Texas.” Additionally, the area around Lake Conroe has several trails suitable for all different levels of skill. The Sweetleaf Nature Trail in the W.G. Jones State Forest is a kid-friendly loop that contains a rainbow-colored suspension bridge. The George Mitchel Preserve Trail is more challenging, featuring an 11.5-mile trail appropriate for mountain biking, in addition to hiking.


3. Hit up Downtown Conroe

Visit downtown Conroe, an area of town that has timeless, renovated buildings, inviting restaurants, trendy boutiques and a growing art community. Conroe Central Market is home to more than 50 vendors selling collectibles and antiques.


4. Grab an Adult Beverage

If you’re into craft beer, then you’ll have multiple breweries to choose from. B-52 Brewing Company and Southern Star Brewing offer everything from stouts, pilsners and IPAs, in addition to their seasonal and regular lines. Both breweries are equipped with a tasting room and have tours available on Saturday afternoons. If you’re more of a wine connoisseur, Bernhardt Winery located in Plantersville is worth the trip. They provide tours and tastings every day but Mondays.


5. Hit the Lake!

If you own a boat, sailboat or jet ski, find a rental property with a dock or boat lift, and enjoy launching from your front porch. If you don’t own your own watercraft, there are also numerous boat rental options around Lake Conroe, such as Einstein’s Ship Store and Nauti-Dayz Boat Rentals, where you can rent your choice of boats and watercraft by the hour. For the more laid back folks, enjoy a sunset on the Lake Conroe Dinner Cruise. Or, just stay on the shore and hang out the waterfront restaurants Sam’s Boat or Water Point Marina. Another fun option on the lake is rounding up friends and spending a day on a cycle boat. This human-powered party barge has 10 pedal stations that turn a large paddle that scoots across the lake. It features a 25’ pontoon base and also has a bar in the middle.



Jocelyn Sexton is a marketing and corporate communications professional with more than 15 years of writing experience. She is a passionate storyteller and has worked in a variety of industries, including a stint in state government where she worked to promote Texas food with the Department of Agriculture. She earned an Executive MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and has an undergraduate degree in Journalism-Public Relations from the University of North Texas.

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