Top Trends in Corporate Events for 2019 – 2020

One of the best ways to create a good reputation within the event industry is to consistently earn good feedback from your clients and always be on trend. But don’t waste your time following fads that don’t have a good bang for your buck. Instead, stay up-to-date with what will garner the most interest and attention from attendees.

Creating an experience that resonates with attendees will make your event one to remember.

Here are some top ways to impress the CEO with an engaging conference that also exceeds the organization’s goals and expectations.

1. Implement AI

Artificial intelligence is the future of event planning, as it can program computers to carry out tasks normally performed by people. For example, use chatbots with pre-programmed responses to answer attendee questions.

2. Add in a Wellness Break

During long conferences, mental and physical breaks help keep everyone engaged. In addition to your standard ice breakers, networking events, team-building activities and parties, add in a group run, yoga or some kind of casual outdoor activities.

3. Stay Secure

With so many assets becoming digital – from registration to the agenda and event apps –attendees face a higher risk of getting their information hacked. Implement strong data security practices to keep all data safe and secure.

4. Localize

There are many ways to tie your event theme to your location, but don’t forget about the food! Especially if your event is here in Houston, don’t forget local flavor is more than just the cuisine. Use local caterers and try something unique that attendees can’t experience anywhere else.

5. RFID Wristbands

Radio-frequency identification wristbands are the latest game-changer for creating a better, more efficient event experience. Attendees can link their credit cards to the wristbands to speed up registration and onsite purchases, and they make registration scanning a breeze.

6. Try a Unique Location

Many traditional spaces no longer offer a “wow” factor. If you are stuck in a hotel or convention center all day, find another location offsite for attendees to have some fun.

7. Go Green & Give Back

Hosting a sustainable, eco-friendly event is easier than ever. You can go paperless with event apps and reduce waste by handing out refillable water bottles. Also, consider finding ways for your attendees to help a charitable organization. Every corporate event has the opportunity and privilege to leave the host city better than they found it.

8. Virtualize

Don’t forget to give non-attendee a great experience. In addition to live streaming, give them access to participate in discussions with digital hangout spots. You can use social media to engage with your attendees. And consider using apps that have virtual check-ins and games.

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