2017 Houston Big Game

What are the Best Transportation Options for the 2017 Houston Big Game

The 2017 BIG Game is only days away. This year Houston will be hosting the playoff between The Falcons and The Patriots. Everything is set for the big day as you check off the essentials.

  • Purchasing the perfect seats/tickets
  • Gathering friends and families
  • Perfecting your game time attire
  • Tweeting about your winning team


But don’t forget the most important factor, Transportation. Don’t let your endless weeks of planning go disrupted by the hassle of transportation.

There are a couple forms of transportation options to consider:

  • Driving your car
  • Taking the Metro Bus
  • Taking a Taxi or Uber
  • Reserving a Limousine


Driving your car

An approximate of 72,000 will be on the highways of Houston driving to NRG Stadium. That doesn’t include the hundreds and thousands driving to family parties, restaurants, and bars. Driving your car includes:

  • Dealing with traffic and confusing directions
  • Burden of purchasing parking tickets
  • Endless searching for your parking spot


Taking the Metro Bus

Although taking the shuttle cuts the hassle of traffic and parking but gives you no leisure time or room to truly enjoy the ride there.

  • Metros are often cramped and overcrowded
  • Not guaranteed to sit next to all your family and friends
  • No leisure time – forced to follow the schedule of the Metro Bus


Taking a Taxi

Your other option would be taking a Taxi. Taking a taxi beats taking the Metro Bus but still is not the most convenient option. Taxi drivers often raise fares to overcharge their customers, so you can never count on a consistent price range.

  • High fares that are not consistent
  • Hailing a Taxi takes a long time, you may be waiting up to an hour



Uber has become very popular within the past few years. While Ubering may be convenient, it is important to consider your safety, even on the big day.

  • Drivers know your full contact information, very easy for Uber drivers to save your information for future reference
  • Uber background checks are not rigorous enough to ensure your security under the driver
  • Cancellations by Uber drivers causes a disruption in your trip and plans, you don’t want to risk getting cancelled on!


Reserving a Limousine

What if there was an option that integrated the pros of all transportations into one. Well there is. Reserving a Limousine is your best bet in experiencing the best.

  • The similar luxury of privacy as driving your personal car provides
  • Elimination of dealing with confusing directions and traffic
  • Avoiding the hassle of Super Bowl parking
  • Relaxing in seclusion with your family and friends
  • Sit back and enjoy a beverage of your choice
  • Listen in on the pregame news or your favorite station
  • Adjusted to your desired time schedule

Choosing the right limousine service is where Colony Limo comes into play. Let our professional drivers take the weight off your shoulders. Sit back and enjoy a drink of your choice whether it be beer for the men, champagne for the women, or soft drinks for the kids. Our friendly and well trained drivers are more than happy to assist you to your destination.

  • Our drivers know the best and fastest routes in Houston to get you where you need to be as quick as possible
  • Our drivers are possess the expertise in ensuring your safety and comfort
  • Our drivers are always on time, just choose the time and we’ll be there!

We’ll pick up your group, drop you all off at your Super bowl destination, and be back to pick you up after the big game. Enjoy the luxury of Colony Limo where we will make sure your big day is top notch.



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