5 Myths about Hiring a Limo That’s Not True!

Have you ever thought about hiring a limousine? Did you think that you wouldn’t be able to afford it? Or did you think that you can only select one vehicle style? Common myths about limousine service can prevent some people from considering hiring a limo for their occasions. The truth is, though, that most of these ideas are untrue. Here is the truth concerning 5 myths about hiring a limo.


1. Limousine Service is Too Expensive for the Average Person

The popular images of Wall Street tycoons traveling to and from work in a limo or of celebrities arriving at awards shows in limos can easily make consumers feel that renting a limo would be too expensive for their budget. While you’d definitely need considerable funds to buy a limousine for yourself, renting one is definitely affordable for the average person. That way, you won’t need to worry about upkeep or paying your driver’s salary! Most limousine companies allow customers to rent by the hour, which can make it easier to keep the price low.


2. Customers Can Only Choose One Kind of Limousine

When most people think of a limo, they quickly imagine a black stretch limousine sedan. But these days, customers can select from a much wider variety of luxury transportation vehicles. In fact, nearly any vehicle can be “stretched” from the classic Lincoln sedan to the Hummer SUV. You can even rent luxurious party buses for larger gatherings.


3. Taxicab Service is More Affordable than Renting a Limo

Some people assume that hiring a taxi is cheaper than using a car service. This is often untrue because a limo’s pricing structure differs from a taxi’s pricing structure. For one thing, taxis charge by the mile, not the hour. If the driver wants to squeeze more money out of you, he or she can just take a longer route. With a limo, you can instruct the driver which way you want to go and rest easy that your rates won’t skyrocket.


4. Limousine Companies Only Use Old, Outdated Vehicles

Some people may imagine that limousine fleets consists of old, used vehicles that have been in service for decades. However, today’s limousines are well-equipped with technological necessities. If you need to use the Internet, you can take advantage of in-vehicle Wi-Fi. Many vehicles are also equipped with GPS, which prevents you from getting lost on your ride. Rather than riding in an outdated vehicle, you can rest assured knowing that most reputable limo companies do an excellent job of maintaining the vehicles by cleaning, polishing, and washing them after each rental.


5. People Should Only Rent Limousines for Special Occasions

Those who are open to the idea of limousine rental may only consider doing so on a special occasion, such as an extravagant wedding or a birthday party. But limousines can actually be used for common activities that you do on a regular basis. Are you traveling to a new city? Consider hiring a limo for your airport shuttle. Going shopping downtown? A limo can make it easier for you to bring your purchases home and avoid traffic headaches. Planning a girls’ night out? Why not book a limo so you and your friends can ride and relax along the way?


Don’t let these 5 myths about hiring a limo stop you from using a car service! Instead, find out the truth about using a limousine, so you can book one for your next event!


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