Moving to Houston This Summer- Here are 6 Tips to Survive the Move

Moving to Houston This Summer? Here are 6 Tips to Survive the Move

School’s out and summer is here, which can only mean one thing: moving time! Many families choose to wait until the end of the school year before they move, to help make the transition into a new area as smooth as possible for their children. While summer is the perfect time to move, it can be tough to adjust to a city like Houston — known for scorching temperatures, sunny days, and high humidity. Whether you’re transitioning from the East Coast, West Coast, or Midwest, we’ve got you covered on the best tips for surviving your first big move to gorgeous Houston:

Pack smart

Between the heat and humidity of Houston, you may notice your packing boxes are feeling a little damp. That’s because cardboard tends to trap all that extra moisture in the air. Not only does this put your treasured belongings at risk of damage and mold, it also causes the tape to peel away. To avoid your box breaking open during your move, it’s important to add at least two or three layers of tape or invest in moisture-resistant, heavy-duty packaging tape.

Protect your furniture

There’s nothing better than a bright sunny day in Houston, but too much sun exposure can actually cause your wooden furniture to peel or crack if it comes in direct contact with sunlight. Fortunately, you can protect your furniture by wrapping any wooden pieces in towels or blankets during the move.

Start early

The Houston heat can be brutal, especially for those who are moving from cooler regions. An average summer day in Houston reaches about 93 degrees, so it’s important to start your move as early as possible to avoid the blistering heat.

Dress accordingly

Wear light materials and avoid dark colors, which absorb heat, to make moving day as comfortable as possible. If you are carrying heavy boxes inside, it’s best to choose close-toed shoes and lightweight pants to protect your legs and feet.

Wear sunscreen

Believe it or not, most of moving day is spent outside, carrying boxes from the moving truck into your new home. That’s why you must make sure your skin is protected all day long. Invest in an SPF 30+ sunscreen and reapply every few hours to avoid sun damage and sunburn.

Plan your meals

Moving is a long and daunting process, especially if you have young children and pets. It isn’t until you start packing that you realize just how much stuff you really have! That’s why you must make sure to plan accordingly. With Houston’s hot, humid climate, you may find yourself sweating throughout the day. To avoid fatigue and dehydration, carry a water bottle at all times and pack plenty of snacks that can hold you over until your next meal.

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