The Best Clubs in Houston

Houstonians know how to have a great time during the summer. When the weather starts heating up, these warm summer nights feel like a dream and encourage everybody else to head out for a big night on the town. Houston is a great city for drinks, food, music, and dancing. No matter what kind of music you like — country, hip hop, rock, pop, jazz, etc.— there’s a place for you in this thriving city. While there are plenty of awesome spots to try out, you’re bound to have a fantastic time at one of these Houston nightclubs:

Wild West

Wild West is pure heaven for all the country music lovers out there. Not only can you get down on the dance floor freestyle, this club also hosts dance classes from 4:30 to 6 p.m. every Sunday. Conveniently located near the Galleria area of Houston, Wild West has been an integral part of the Richmond strip for more than 20 years.

Club Tropicana

If you absolutely love dancing, then Club Tropicana is the perfect club for you and all your friends. A traditional Latin-themed club, Club Tropicana has a fantastic DJ, the latest hits, a huge dance floor, and well-priced drinks. Call in advance to find out when they are hosting their next salsa dancing classes.

Etro Lounge

Do David Bowie, Prince, or Queen ring a bell to you? It’s tough to find a nightclub that actually plays decent 80s music. While Etro Lounge plays primarily electro disco and EDM music during the week, they dedicate every weekend to the 80s scene. If nightclubs are a little too busy for your taste, there are plenty of places to lounge and relax in the club.


For date nights and special occasions, you want an elegant venue to set the tone for the night. Belvedere checks all the boxes for a club that’s equal parts classy, fun, and glamorous. Not only do they have delicious cocktails and bottle service, the club also has a gorgeous outdoor patio that Houstonians love. If you’re a fan of Latin music, check out Belvedere on Thursday nights.

Grooves Restaurant and Lounge

Grooves is a major Houston hot spot. With three bars, two private rooms, a massive stage, and plenty of parking, Grooves is a place where anybody can come to relax, dance, or share a meal with the people they love. The club has a semi-formal dress code, so stylish, modern outfits are both welcomed and encouraged. This is a place to go when you want to dress up and have a great night out. If you want to book a section or plan a private event, you can schedule a reservation on the club’s website.

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