Transportation: Make Charity Events Special

Charity events involve a huge amount of preparation and planning. Between lining up guest speakers to marketing the event, event planners may easily forget about arranging transportation for their attendees and guests. The good news is that it’s simple to plan transportation for a charity event. To do so, you’ll need to consider your budget, reserve transportation for your speakers, and explore transportation options for your audience.


Staying on Budget

When you’re organizing an event for charity, you’ll need to be especially mindful of your budget. Charity events are nonprofit affairs, which means you’re usually dependent on donations for funding. You’ll also need to remember that you’ll have several other costs to manage, including venue rental, food and drinks and marketing. With that in mind, don’t feel the need to book a luxurious transportation arrangement you cannot afford. If you’re hiring a car service, consider a sedan or a small vehicle. If your budget is large enough for a luxurious set of wheels, feel free to go all out! Be sure to leave a little wiggle room in your event budget for unexpected costs or overages.


Arranging Car Service for Your Speakers

If you’re hoping to attract high-profile speakers or guests for your event, a great way to entice them is to arrange car service for them. When you hire a chauffeur to greet them at the airport and escort them to the venue, you’ll leave a lasting impression that may even attract other speakers to future events. A limo sedan completely stocked with snacks and drinks gives your speakers a chance to relax and prepare for their speeches as they ride to the venue. Be sure to ask the speakers if they have any preferences for snacks, music, or other amenities during the ride. An excellent way to project the needs of your guests is to check with other organizations in the area to find out how they provide for guest speakers. This research can give you a starting point to help you begin making your reservations.


Transportation Options for Guests

Shuttle buses are ideal transportation options for event attendees. When you hire a shuttle bus, you can ask the driver to wait outside the airport with a clearly marked sign for guests. As they board, you can stir up enthusiasm for the event by getting to know everyone and dropping a few hints about what they will learn at the event. Plan your driving route carefully to avoid traffic hassles or roadwork. If you’d like to take an alternate route, you can ask the chauffeur to stay away from freeways or highways during the drive. As you plan your upcoming charity event, don’t forget to explore transportation options for guests and attendees. Whether you decide to hire a car service or rent a shuttle bus, you’ll need to stay on budget and plan your routes carefully to avoid any hassles. If you do, your attendees will give your charity event a glowing review!



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