Prepare the Day of Prom

Unique Ways to Prepare the Day of Prom

Prom is the big night all teenagers anticipate for all four years of high school. Most everyone has already taken care of preparing for Prom in advance.

  • Buying the perfect dress
  • Reserving your ride
  • Arranging the plans for the group
  • Buying Prom tickets

However the day of Prom can be much more stressful than expected so knowing what to do the day of prom is just as important as everything else. Here are some unique ways on how to prepare for the perfect Prom day.

  • Make a checklist

    Creating a checklist ahead of time for the day of Prom assures that you don’t forget anything. With so many things going on in one day, your mind can become overwhelmed and unfortunately forget some key things. Creating a checklist weeks or days before the big day is a great way to ensure you get to everything you gotta do!

  • Be prepared for attire troubles

    You can never be too prepared. Nothing is worse than having a dress or suit issue the day of. Have a emergency clothing kit for any minor tears, rips, or mishaps. If you have a relative or friend who’s handy, keep in touch with them. Better safe than sorry!

  • Go for a Spa morning

    What is more relaxing than having a spa day. The day of Prom can be stressful, but you can relieve some of that stress by scheduling an early appointment at the spa.

  • Save a location for pictures

    Pictures! How else are you gonna remember this day in ten years without pictures to look back on! Look around your city and find the perfect location to take your prom group pictures. There are many beautiful settings around every city, you just have to search. A simple green background can even do the job.

  • Stay updated with your prom group

    This is key, make sure everyone in your prom group is on the same page and that includes timing! Creating a group message can be extremely helpful. Make use everyone is 110% sure about the plans including place and timing.

  • Know your dinner etiquette

    This is the big, formal night where everyone is dressed elegantly. So it’s good to know your dinner facts.

    • Plate is centered in the middle
    • Knives and spoon is on your right
    • Your cup is also on your right
    • Fork and napkin is on your left


Knowing and using these tips can help make your prom night as magical as ever. When planning for Prom don’t forget to reserve your ride before it’s too late. Colony Limo offers a variety of vehicles ideal for Prom night. Colony Limo ensures your safety and well-being all while having fun!

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