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Shuttle Bus - 32 Passenger - Colony Limo Service Houston Shuttle Bus - 32 Passenger - Colony Limo Service Houston

Are you hosting or attending an event in the Houston or in a surrounding area? Renting a 32 passenger shuttle bus from Colony Limo can help you get to your event safely and quickly!

We can arrange pickup and drop off service for just about any location in the metropolitan Houston, Texas area. That means that even if you live in the city suburbs, including Katy, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands, we can get your group to your destination comfortably and efficiently!

This gleaming shuttle bus has 32 seats and is perfect for student or church trips, taking a large group to a concert or shuttling guests to for a wedding. We can make getting your out of town guests to and from the hotel, to the wedding venue, to reception and back after the reception. Our hourly service offers a surprisingly feasible option for this shuttle option. We also offer pick up and drop off options for this vehicle.

To accommodate a smaller group with numerous luggage, these busses come with removable seats to make room for the extra luggage.

Are you looking for a shuttle bus rental in Sugar Land or Houston for your next large group outing? Choose Colony Limo to get the very best service for your money!

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32 Passenger Shuttle Bus Features

This bus would be able to accommodate a combination of passengers and luggage.


  • With a maximum capacity of 32 passengers, we would be able to accommodate a carry-on per person with some overhead space for light, soft pieces such as handbags, blankets, pillows.
  • With up to 20 passengers, we would be able to accommodate a large checked luggage and a personal bag per person.
  • This bus features, soft cloth seats with individual lap belts, head rests and arm rests. In addition, it comes with an aerodynamic passenger door that greatly reduces outside noise. Each of our buses has an AM/FM radio, televisions and a built-in intercom system which allow for both recreation and communication during your ride.

To accommodate a larger group, see our 35 or 37 passenger shuttles.

When you choose a Shuttle bus from Colony Limo, you’ll receive superior quality service, a comfortable ride, and a fully-equipped bus that lets you and your guests ride in style!


We have a large variety of well-maintained shuttle busses that can match most budgets. Please take a look at our other amazing Shuttle Busses.

To start your trip on the right foot, call Colony Limo at (281) 265-5466 or Book Online to reserve your car service today!

You can also check our FAQ page. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

32 Passengers with no luggage

28 Passengers and luggage

Black Shade Cloth for Privacy

AM/FM Radio

CD & DVD player


Built-in Intercom System

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Colony - Limo Service Houston - Reviews
Colony - Limo Service Houston - Reviews

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