When All the Professional Sports Converge

October is a great month for Houston sports fans. It’s the time of year when baseball, football, basketball and soccer are all happening at the same time, and Houston has professional teams for each of those sports. Houston Astros The defending World Series champions, the Houston Astros, began the current Major League Baseball season on


Drive Out for Round Top/Warrenton Antique Weekend

If you’re itching for a road trip and love shopping for antiques, farmhouse-inspired finds or shabby chic home goods, we have the spot for you. From vintage collectibles, jewelry, apparel, home decor, furniture, architectural and industrial salvaged items, guns, antiques and so much more, the Round Top and Warrenton Texas Antique Shows are the place


10 Interesting Things about the Fall Equinox

It may feel like summer for a few more weeks (or even months because after all, this is Houston). But autumn is nearly here. Tomorrow, Sept. 22, is the Fall Equinox. And while typical fall activities like brilliant fall foliage and cold weather may not happen in our great city, there’s still football, fall decorations


Top Movies Filmed in Houston

Houston is a long way from Hollywood, but it has been a great place over the years for filming movies. Did you know all the films were shot in Houston? Urban Cowboy (1980) This iconic and volatile love story between cowboy Bud and cowgirl Sissy was filmed in Pasadena, where the action centers around Gilley’s


All about the Grand Parkway

Imagine you’re driving home to Spring after a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend in San Antonio. You’re making good time when you decide to check the map on your phone or GPS. Suddenly, you realized I-10 is a thick, angry red line to indicate all the cars just sitting on the interstate. How can you


Simplify Your Routines This School Year

For many families, school is back in session! And while each new school year will bring different challenges, keeping a consistent schedule can provide your kids with structure. A good routine gives your children the ability to learn vital skills, such as how to set priorities, meet deadlines, gain independence and cultivate habits of self-care.


Private Airports in Houston

Flying by private plane has become a growing phenomenon, and its popularity has grown in part thanks to social media, where celebrities and influencers show off flying in seemingly lavish style across the globe. However, private jets aren’t just for the elite or very rich. Some people choose to fly private for luxury or increased


Take a Last-Minute Summer Trip

Summer is nearly over. But there’s still a few more weeks until most kids start school, and at least another two months of hot, humid, Houston weather. So why not book a fun trip before the summer ends? Sure, many people like to plan ahead, but sometimes you can great deal by making a spur-of-the-moment


5 Best Quinceañera Locations in Houston

Your daughter’s quinceañera is a momentous occasion, and it takes many months of planning and preparation to make sure her quinceañera is perfect. In addition to finding sponsors, a dress, music and food, you must also choose a venue for the event. You will need to book the location at least a year in advance,


What to Wear on a Flight

Stylish folks will tell you fashion rules were made to be broken. But if you’re a frequent sky-high traveler, you know in-flight fashion is very different from what may be most trendy on solid ground. Dressing appropriately on a plane often means comfort trumps style. But while it’s important to feel cozy and relaxed, you

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